Monday, 28 January 2013

Will Smith

Will Smith is an american raper and actor. He was born in Philadelphia in 1968.
He is a black person. He is tall and good-looking, although he has a very small ears. His hair is short, black and curly and his eyes are black too. His hands are enormous.

He is quite friendly. I have watched him in some TV programmes, like "El hormiguero", and he is always smiling and making jokes but he is very serious in his work. In his private life, he is married and has three children. He consider himself as a religious man and he has studied Scientology.

When he was almost broken the NBC offered him to star The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990. He became famous with this tv series. He has made a lot of films and he has been nominated to four Golden Globes awards and two Oscars Awards But he has get his best results in the music, he has won some Grammy Awards.

I have watched some of his films and in my opinion his best film is "Hitch" and also "The pursuit of hapyness".

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