Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Scientific testing on animals

Some people think that spend time and money investigating with animals could be a waste of time and money.They argue that science should try to resolve other problems however I am completely agree with this research because I think  it can help us in others concepts related whit the health of the persons and whit the improvement of the medicines.

On the one hand the advances whit the experiments making whit animals keep advances more quickly and best for the improvement of the humanity.

On the other hand people think that animals have feelings , and they have reason , the animals suffer like humans and it is very bad for the health of the animals.

In conclusion, the experiments whit animals are good for the advances in medicines, etc. but it is very bad for the animals and for her health, and it could be prohibited.

Monday, 1 April 2013


Animal testing could be considered cruel or which might be the discovery of things that could help people.
First would be nice if the animals don't suffer damage, or practices will cause problems in the lives of animals, altering their functions.
 But on the other hand the use of animals, could help the human life, and this would be a good reason.

I think animal testing, would bring many good consequences, so it would be justified, animals help improve or save the lives of many people, Is a necessary cruelty.
one of the products that are tested on animals are lotions, it is necessary that all people who wants to use lotion, the people should be certain of its effectiveness.

These practices in animals, some shouldn't because they are selfish and the animals shouldn't be treated badly because they also feel and suffer, for example: the use of animals in military experiments, a dog locked in a room and poison him with gas, this is something cruel and inhuman.

In conclusion Animal testing is not bad at all, but I think you should just experiment with really useful things, not killing animals of violent ways.


There are different views on the use of animals in research. Some people think it is right and good but others are against using animals for research.

People who are against it is because they do not like to perform experiments on animals and believe that animals have the right to live freely, and not be used as if nothing will happen.

People who think it is right, say it is good because it shows that we are created drugs that cure, and not make us sick, which means that saves us all, and frees us from dying.

In my opinion this good you perform these investigations because of them many people have been saved and free us from many diseases and complications in our body.

Scientific testing on animals.

Hi, i going to talk about to use animals to testing drugs. 
On the one hand, a lot of people think  that prove medicaments or chemical substances in animals is bad but... i think, in persons? On people is not bad? oh my god !
Testing in animals can be very beneficial for the future of animals and tests
In my opinion if we want animals healthier and stronger in the future, help to discover new drugs, vaccine... if we not investigated we can not discover new cures for diseases. We must investigate now them, otherwise, nothing will.

Scientific testing on animals

There is a discussion on this subject because some people think that scientific testing on animals are damaging for them and for us and another people think that this thing is necessary for the  deveploment of the medical sciences.
On the one hand, there are people who thinks that we should or we have to protect the animals because there are a part of our world and if we don´t take care of them we will destroy them and the nature.
On the other hand, there are people who thinks that scientific testing on animals are necessary because the scientific experiment on humans are prohibit. This tipe of people thinks that  the scientific experiment are indispensable for the world and if  we can test with people we are doing this think and the reason why we are testing with animals is because we can´t test with people.
In conclusión, for me and for a lot of people  testing with animals is a cruel thing andif it is neccesary for the world the scientifics should test only with small animals

Scientific testing on animals

Today I am going to talk about the different views on the use of animals for research.
Some people think that it is right but other persons think that it is evil.

On the one hand, some people think that it is right because when a person has been sick, this person can recover because it has been proven in an animal, and it has been effective. If this was not effective, the animal would die or be sick, so this will avoid this happen to humans.

On the other hand, certain people say that it is evil for the animals because they think that they have the right to live as human and we should not use them as if they were worthless.

Also other people think that it is right if it is used for research medicines and not for create cosmetics.

In my opinion, this is correct if the animals are treated with care and they are not used for create cosmetics. Many lives can be saved thanks to animals research.

Animal testing

Animal testing

The experimentation on animals increased, especially the practice of vivisection, so did criticism and controversy. In 1655, the advocate of Galenic physiology Edmund o'Meara said that "the miserable torture of vivisection places the body in an unnatural state." Others argued that animal physiology could be affected by pain during vivisection, rendering results unreliable. There were also objections on an ethical basis, contending that the benefit to humans did not justify the harm to animals.Many people believed that animals were inferior to humans and so different that results from animals could not be applied to humans.
On the other side of the debate, those in favor of animal testing held that experiments on animals were necessary to advance medical and biological knowledge.

Animals are also used foreducation and training; are bred for use in laboratories; and are used by the military to develop weapons, vaccines, battlefield surgical techniques, and defensive clothing.For example, in 2008 the United States used live pigs to study the effects of improsive explosive devices explosions on internal organs, especially the brain.
In the US military,goats are commonly used to train combact medics (Goats have become the main animal species used for this purpose after the Pentagon phased out using dogs for medical training in the 1980s.) While modern mannequins  used in medical training are quite efficient in simulating the behavior of a human body, trainees feel that "the goat exercise provides a sense of urgency that only real life trauma can provide".

Scientific testing on animals

Some persons think that to prove medicaments or chemical substances in animals is bad. I think that this that the scientists do is very nice since it helps to find priests for diseases and this way it would not be necessary to prove the above mentioned medicine or substance in a person. If the above mentioned substances were proved in a person it would be a problem since if it does not react well it would cause the death and would not be a problem so big as in an animal. Nevertheless on one hand it is bad that they prove these substances in animals since also they are alive beings. In conclusion, it seems to me to be brilliant that the science scientific tests in animals and not in persons and with this encontraran solution to the diseases that even do not have them.

Scientist testing on animals

On the one hand people think that use animals to test the scientist’s ideas don’t harms to animals and also that test with them produce a lot of beneficial for human’s quality of life. But on the other hand people think that test with animals isn’t safe for the animals and that the animals are like humans.

Test with animals can improve the quality of human’s life for example if a scientist invents a vaccine for some illness can be dangerous, and if you test it before on a animal you can know it.

However, this can hurt them, and animals are living like us.

I think that test with animals is a good idea if this can save the life of a human, because is taking a life to safe another, but I think that in other cases is unfair and unnecessary. 

Scientific testing on animals

I´m going to talk about different reasons for use or not use animals in the laboratorys.
I´m agree with the idea that to use animals in laboratorus for to do experiments with them for help to the sick people.
Because the people that are sick need new medicines for the recovery and if this medicine funtions with the animals, the medicines will function with the ills too.
But on the hand, to use animals for experiment is a little cruel because they also are living beings and they don´t deserve are treat so badly.
I think that the scientists ougth to look into methods for the animals don´t suffer so much.

scientific testing on animals

Scientific testing on animals

I think animal testing is not altogether bad because if they would human many people will die while the animals die but I think human being we prefer to think that animals die before people.
On the other hand I think it should be more aware that animals are living beings, because sometimes they do very cruel tests and undergo it on very strong tratments.

I believe that laboratories should use animals only in tests of to treat diseases and in this way they'll prevent unnecessary suffering of many animals.

In conclusion, I believe proper the use of animals in science, whenever it is done in moderation and absolutely necessary.

Scientific testing on animals.

The scientific testing on animals have a good part but have a bad part too.
The good part are that we can create new animals or change is structure eg. But like everything there is also a bad part is that the animals could be die or whatever else.

Now, the good things about scientific testing on animals is that we know all the features of the animal (hormones, enzymes ...) and we can also create a new animal or gene. Also if the animal has any disease we can experiment with the animal to find a vaccine or whatever else to save the animals who have the same disease.

On the other hand there are bad things like the animal could be die or be more aggressive eg. More scientifics said that the testing are safe but you didnt know this until you try, can go right or wrong if it goes wrong, the animal will suffer. The Animals also have feelings like humans so they also suffer pain.

In conclusion, my opinion are that we shouldn't experiment with animals because animals don't deserve to be made ​​to suffer becasue well.. many tests nothing happens but others if happens.

scientific testing on animals

  The  advantages and inconvenients are:
 I start talking about their inconvenients against animal testing is that there are other acceptable alternatives. For example, scientists can test whether chemicals irritate the eyes using the membrane rich in blood vessels Those who are against animal testing proposed: replacement, alternative methods of testing, reducing animal testing using as little as refinement possible and ensuring that animal tests are done as humanely and painlessly as possible, however, alternatives to animal testing does not always work because the system of a living organism can be unpredictable, the rights of animals say the tests performed on them are cruel and unnecessary all living creatures should be respected and that cause suffering to animals for any reason is morally wrong.
Now show you the advantages:
 these tests say they have been many advances in science, increasing the quality of life for both humans and animals. Animal testing has helped develop vaccines, surgeries, cancer treatments and other life-saving medical advances.

my opinion is that these scientific tests on animals are necessary for the advancement of science because we could not live without vaccines, cancer treatments, etc. ..
but without having to carry the animals to extreme cases.

Many people think that animal experiments only a waste of time and money, but my opinion is the opposite. There are certainly people who are for and against, on the one hand we find those who say that using animals can go a long way in various fields of medicine, for example, rats, animals that are more common cancer-related activities, but on the other hand we find animal advocates who say such actions go against the rights of the same animals.

My opinion is common, I agree with which animals, but whenever a purpose beneficial to society.

Testing on animals.

Testing on animals have for a part good and other part bad.
First, I go talk the good things. Practicing with animals does that the humans can develops and find cures for diseases and with they, we can see how affect in they, but in some ocassion don't have the same effects in the animals that in the humans.

The bad things that I see, it's that the animals are alive beings and  is can that to bring about damages and can die.

In my opinion is a thing with there are problems because the animals suffer and don't have doing the that doesn't like for their. Definetly I think that is necessary for the investigation but don't arrive to the end in the that the animals die.

Essay about scientific testing on animals

Hi, now I'm going to talk about the scientific evidence in animals and give arguments for and against this option.

Animal testing can be very beneficial for the future of animals and nature, there are many interesting tests but one that is the most beneficial of transgenic animals, injected a virus into the gene to be incorporated into animal and an animal creates bigger and healthier.

Others say that these tests can be very good but they are very harmful to the animals exposed to the test. They say they can be beneficial but reaffirms that can have side effects for animals.

In short, my opinion is that before any test, you  should investigate if there is a negative effect, if all is well then you can do all beneficial to the animals tests.

Testing products on animals.

Scientist needs to taste new products in real animals...

Some people think that spend time and money investigating with animals could be a waste of time and money.
They argue that science should try to resolve other problems however I am completely agree with this research because I think  it can help us to improve the health in our contry and to find new solutions in the field of medicine, what´s more there´re people who are against but then they don´t dare to buy anything that hasn´t been tested before.

On the one hand it´s certainly that if a scientist discover a product, the only way to konw if  it´s health for us is tasted with animals before besides lots of laboratory animals have a goof life and the test aren´t so cruel for example there are test that only consist to know the average of their life.

On the other hand animals have emotions like humans do furthermore they feel pain, in addition to this normally some people think that some laboratory animals haven´t got the basic conditions to have a great life, they think that animals live in small spaces and they probably suffer stress.

In conclusion, I understand that they need to taste the product with animals who probably will have the same reaction than us, but I understand too that sometimes they don´t have good living conditions so it´s better if in the future they could taste the products in virtual humans and obtain the same results.

Essay about scientific testing on animals

I'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of scientific tests on animals. I think this can help to discover and cure new diseases, but always using it well.

Tests scientific can help to discover new vaccine to unfamiliar diseases. There are many laboratories are investigating animal a vaccine for cancer. These tests can certainly kill some animals, but it may save many lives.

In all laboratories when they discover a new vaccine, don´t know the effects it can have, and tested on animals, such as rats. Scientists can see the effects of the vaccine and if no bad results can be used by sick patients.

For end, my opinion is that it is okay to try the tests on animals, although some may die, but it can cure diseases, but in tests they do, they have to make them better for the least possible harm to the animals.

Essay about scientific testing on animals.

I am going to talk about two different points about the scientific test on animal. There are some people for and other against.
Some people think that is important to use animals in scientific test because it can help to save people. For example there are a lot of laboratories that use rats to experiment with them because they are looking for a cure for cancer. If they find it, they will have a great succeed and everybody will get benefits.
On the other hand, some people think that use animals in scientific test is an abuse and they suffer the consequence.
From my point of view, I think is important to test with animals because is a way to find cure for diseases.