Friday, 7 June 2013

An incident report.

Name of person reporting incident: Patricia Simon.
Today's date: 07/06/2013.
Location of incident: on a chalet

The incident occurred at 8.35pm on Saturday evening, in big chalet of Madrid. The incident involved smith family (Gabriella, Jayden and Helen the victims) and Kevin (the thief).

They were watching a very important football match because Spain was playing a final match when my mum started feeling bad so she decided to go to bed. Then they heard a very loud noise so my father decided to go upstairs to check that my mum was well, when he went in the bedroom he saw the window broken and his wife was lying in the floor and a broken vase near she. When he went to help his wife a person hit him back and he fell of on the floor. Helen started thinking where was my dad so when the match finished she decided to go upstairs and what was happening when she went in the bedroom and she saw a big puddle near the head of my mum. She started crying and woke up my father who was near her we called the police and the ambulance but it was late because she was died.

Helen felt guilty because if she had gone before the match finished, her mum would have been alive now, the thief was caught for the police and they return all the money and the jewellery.     

Monday, 3 June 2013

An incident.

Name of person reporting incident: Michael Alvarado. 
Today's date(day/month/year): 03/06/2013.
Institution: Carrefour.

The incident ocurred al 10.25 approximately on Wednesday morning in the parking of Carrefour. The incident involved Rachel García(the victim) and Jorge Rodriguez(the allegend offender). 

I was leaving the carrefour with a friend when I saw rachel parking across the street, she was talking on the phone thus did not notice a car approaching. I scream for him to be careful, but it was too late. My friend and I ran to see how it was, he was still conscious and we could talk. The man in the car came out and said that he had no guilt because she was distracted with the phone.

Quickly call an ambulance. They came and took her to the hospital where he is recovering. This will teach you that you should go street attentive and not distracted.

An Incident Report

Name of person reporting incident: Alberto González

Today´s date: 18/10/2011

Institution: BBVA Bank

The incident ocurred at 6.30 pm on Wednesday evening in the Bank. The incident involved banker (victim) and the thief (alleged offender).

I was waiting in line at the bank to talk to the accounts worker my money, when suddenly appeared one man dressed all in black with a gun. The thief is he directed toward threatening him with death to banker. The banker reacts quickly and pulse the alarm. After 10 minutes the police entered and captured the thief while he was grabbing money. Finally, the police arrested the thief was carried to the police station to question him about what happened.

 Police reassure people to continue with their normal life. At the time of the robbery the people were very frightened and they began to cry until the police showed up. I didn´t expect a robbery because there were many people and not a robbery was normal under these conditions.


An Incident Report.

Name of person reporting incident: Lubomir Todorov.
Today´s date: 13/5/2000
Institution: Santander Bank.

The incident ocurred at 11.30 on Friday morning in the santander bank. The incident involves Maria Snachez ( the victim ) and Juan Blanco ( the alleged offender ).

I was in the Santander Bank when i saw entering a murder with a gun in his hand. Maria the banker was very frightened and went to press the emergency button but failed because the murder shot in her hand and fell down. Maria was losing a lot of blood.

Maria looked very pale by what was going on. The rest of de people in the bank was very scared and they didn´t anything but i think they were blocked with this situation. I know some of the witness in the bank and they are a very courageous people. I was really disappointed in their attitude, they could have done somenthing to help Maria but they didn´t lift a finger.

An incident report

Name of person reporting incident: Cristian de la Peña
Today´s date: 14/02/2011
Institution: Jewelr

The incident ocurred at 7.00 pm on Monday evening in the shop "Sánchez Jewelry". The incident involved shop assistant (the victim) and the mugger.

I was in the shop to buy a ring. The shop assistant was attending an other client. She was showing some bracelets to her when a man came in the shop, he had a gun in his hand. He pointed the shop assistant's head and said: ''Give me the money and jewels''. She started to cry and the other client and me were shocked and we didn't know what to do so we stayed in silence. She gave him all the money and the mugger ran out of the shop but in the street the police was waiting him because the shop assistant had pressed the emergency's button.

Finally, everything went well but the shop assitant, the other client and me were frightened. We thought that the incident could finished with some injured person but fortunately it was just a scare.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Name of person reporting incident : Laura Barroso
Today's date (day/month/year) : 15/02/2002
School/Insttitution : Dionisio Aguado

The incident ocurred at 10:00 on Monday morning in the playground .The incident involved Marc Wevel ( the victim ) and Mike Ander ( the alleged offender )

I was in the bank of the playground when I saw appear at Mike , He went where Mark and your friends were playing football and he was near field , Marc was misled and hit Mike with the ball in the face , this became angry and he went to punch him . Marc tried to defend but he can't it

I think that Mike did it wrong because Marc was misled and hit him without want , he should have waited for Marc apologize and It would not have happened.

An incident.

Name of person reporting incident: Sergio Florin
Today's date (day/month/year): 01/08/2011
School/institution: Dioniso Aguado

The incident occurred on Friday evening in front of the sport centre. The incident involved Jonas (victim), and the driver of the motorcycle Peter ( the offender)

I was coming from the sport centre when i saw the accident. Jonas was crossing the road by the pedestrian crossing. Petm motorcycle and when he saw Petter stopped immediately and he fall out of the moped and  pushed jonas to the road. Peter ser was going at high speed with hitruck his head strongly but he had helmet. Jonas only had bruises.

My friends and me saw the accident, we ran immediately to worry about the accident. Obviously the offender was peter. All people knew. If peter not was distracted nothing would happened. 

An incident report

Report of an accident:

Name of person reporting incident: Verónica García
Today´s date: (day/month/year): 02/06/2013
Institution: traffic accident

The accident occurred at 8:15 approximately on friday morning on the road to go to school. The accident involved Barbara ( the victim) ,the driver of the car ( the alleged offender) and some people that were there when the accident started ( witness)

I was on the way to go to school with my friends and we were waiting a girl to go the school when I saw Barbara a bit clueless, she probably thought about an exam, or about some problems, we called her to come with us but she can´t hear us. Inmediately we feared that an accident could happen  because another car came in the other direction, one of my friends try to shout  her but she can´t saw it, the driver of the other car was chatting with someone and talking on his phone when he was driving.

In that moment the accident ocurred Barbara came out fired from his moped and fell to the ground, all the student´s who were there try to help, but some of them were shocked and they unaware what they had to do. The driver of the other car didn´t care about Barbara he only watched his car to see if he could find any blow and shouted her things like " It was your fault", " You didn´t watch me "...
Affortunatly my friends and I called the police and the ambulance and  now Barbara  is in the hospital recovering from the accident.
I know Barbara quite well and I think that situation will teach her to pay more attention when she drives.

An incident

Name of person reporting incident: Sandra López
Today's date (day/month/year): 21/03/2010
School/institution: Dioniso Aguado

The incident ocurred a Monday, i didn't know the hour, the place was the parking of the school. The victim was Barbara and the alleged offender was a one man that i didn't know.

I'm considered the only witness of the incident. The incident was that the man went in a car, while talked by movil, just Barbara went on the motorbike for go to the her home, but suddenly the man hit to Barbara with his car and she was hurt. The man went out of his car and the first things that he did were is angry and scream Barbara, but she didn't heard he. The man called to the ambulance and they took Barbara to the hospital.

When I saw the incident I think that the man was crazy, because his reaction was awful. But Barbara denounced, was the better opcion, and the man paid to Barbara the fine. Barbara is now good and completely recovered.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

An incident

It was a Saturday afternoon, about 5 pm, and two friends and I say go to Parquesur in Leganes. As one of the friends would not let her go by metro, as were his parents who drove us there.

We are on the road, and we were three of us and the parents of the girl

We were singing and suddenly a car step ahead and went to the road, and was before us, but we do not pass anything.

We being the first time that we saw something, we get scared a lot. Not out of the car but if the girl's parents, and went to help the wounded, but then in an unexpected moment, they ran, and that was that the car had been stolen.