Monday, 30 April 2012

Men and women in sports

Almost always it has been thought that a men is better in almost all sports than a women . This is not true of all.
In ancient the women can't participated in competitions of sport, or do things that used to do the men.

In sports one person can do all that is proposed, only is necessary train a lot, therefore say that a men is better that a women in a one type of sport is a liar. Every day this cliche is used less because a lot of women in the history of sports are demostrated that can do the same o better things that a women, not only in sports that it said that are typic about the women , like for example gymnastic, otherwise in much others sport like for example football, boxing , etc.

In conclusion the men and women in sports have the same opportunities , it's only much effort .

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Men and Women in sports - together or separately?

Normally in the world of sports, men and women play separately but there are sports where the teams are mixed.

On the one hand, most people think that men and women should be separated because men have a higher constitution or stronger than women.

Moreover, there are people who think is a discrimination can't play on the same machine men and women.

In my opinion, I think we are all alike and if there were mixed teams, we could all enjoy most sports and all could participate more in them.

Ladys and mens in sport - by Laura Gómez

Ladys and mens practise the sports in different teams. They don't play together in any sport because people think that the girls and boys aren't trained the same way to do sport.
I think that the girls and boys can play in the same team because they aren't different physical. There are girls how are very strong and tall, and, There are boys how are short, thing and weak.
So the differences between girls and boys are not many.

Women on men´s sports teams? - by Sergio Fernández

There are meny discussions about if women can play on men´s sports teams, nowadays women can´t play with men professionally but women can play with men when they are young, I think since fourteen or fifteen years.

On the one hand, some women are as prepared as men to play any sport, like football for example, and in today´s society there is equality between men a women in almost all, and why not in professional sports?
Furthermore, there are some women better than men in many sports, for instance, the tennis, so why not a Wimbledon final between Nadal and Venus Williams?

On the other hand, it´s true that woman can´t play with men in sports like basketball, for example, because men are usually taller than woman and height is very important in basketball. Moreover, men are usually more interested in sport than women.

In conclusion, although I think that should be equality between men and women, I believe that women haven´t the same physical strength than men so I think that women can´t play on men´s sports teams professionally.