Sunday, 31 March 2013

animal experiments.

In this topic there are two opniones one is to agree with the expirimentación, and one that is not to be in agree with the animal experiments. My opinion is that experimentation is good if it is to help humans but should only be done in important cases.

I think that is well because I think in some cases the animals suffer in the experiment but if controlled manner is good for the world because it can test new vaccines pills to help cure diseases.

Scientists and researchers when working in laboratories must be sure that the medicines were used in humans have no bad effects for those who consume it are used by animals and try and do minimal damage to the animal which are experiencing scientifc and think they know what they do and is good for everyone.


In my opinion I am of those who are in favor of animal testing is done while taking care not to cause pain to many animals, this idea is good because it helps to end or has cure many diseases.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scientific testing on animals

Well, I'll start by saying that I might be one of the few people who don't look quite bad the animal testing, although not in all cases. I mean, if we didn't use animals as support, we should use human, and not knowing what reactions will have the body faced certain chemicals, would endanger many lives. So survival issues seems appropriate to use animals.

On the other hand I think it should be more aware that animals are living beings, because sometimes they do very cruel tests and undergo it on very strong tratments.

One of the things that I disagree is animal testing of cosmetic products and treatments for weight loss, cause I see it often unnecessary.

I believe that laboratories should use animals only in tests of drugs or to treat diseases and in this way they'll prevent unnecessary suffering of many animals.

In conclusion, I believe proper the use of animals in science, whenever it is done in moderation and absolutely necessary.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Essay about scientific testing on animals.

On one hand, I think that is not bad at all, because if that get good things for human beings and if you can for the animals, because I think a good job. On the other, I see it pretty bad, because I do not kill and animal testing is quite right ...
Experiments on animals for cosmetics, vaccines, medicines and treatments for human diseases. We let a lot of things, that no check before animals could not

The animal rights advocates say testing on them is cruel and unnecessary. Since mistreat and kill them, not a good thing

In my opinion, I have clear that animal testing is not a good thing, but then again, many things are achieved, so one solution would invent something else, that animals do not suffer 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Essay about scientific testing on animals.

In one hand the people who think that the use of animals for scientifics tests, in the other hand the scientific laboratory who approve of the use of animals for testing.

Some people think that the use animals for scientific tests don't respect animal rights and they think this is more important than the test themselves. The animals feel pain, they have emotions like humans, the test are usually really cruel with the animals and that makes them really stressed.

The laboratorys doesn't agree with this because "they think they can only be sure that it's safe if they have tested it." So, they support the research in animals because of scientific purposes.

In conclusion, the laboratorys have to test the products in animals just to be sure that it's safe for humans because thet can prevent a lot of deseases. I think it's ok to test in animals but if it doesn't really hurt the animals, so everyone can be happy. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My favourite place

Peñíscola is a town that is east of Spain, in Castellón and is one of my favorite towns to spend the summer holidays.

Is a very quiet and great atmosphere. If you like good beaches, this is a great place to enjoy a good swim. You can also visit a castle in the old town, where many people go. Its tranquility and friendly atmosphere makes it a special place if you want a quiet holiday with family. In August there is a small exhibition that place in town for younger people.

Definitely, I recommend this place if you want a relaxing holiday with the family, as it is a very nice place, and not get bored of being there.

Monday, 4 March 2013

My favourite place.

Malaga, it is a beautiful city, which one finds to the south of Spain and belongs to Andalusia. In this city it is possible to enjoy his restaurants and his precious beaches. Besides the possibility of visiting many famous sites. The beach nicer that recollection of my vacations is the beach of the Venus, which is in Marbella. Also it is possible to visit the castle of Fort, the museum Picasso and the botanical garden, since these places are more acquaintances in Malaga. In addition, to amuse yourself you can go to the mall and of leisure Miramar. In my opinion Malaga is an entertaining picturesque place and that is very nice of knowing it for all his places of interest.

My favorite place.


Vienna is my favorite place; I went with my friends in the end of course last year. 
There is the most beautiful place I can see.
Vienna is the capital of Austria and is located in the Centre of Europe If you go to Vienna, you can see the most famous cathedral in Austria, a lot of parks, very museums and statues. Vienna is cleaner
 than Spain. In there the people are very neat and efficient. If you want to go to a relaxing city with lots of history, you must go to Vienna.

My favourite place

Dublin is a nice city and is the capital of Ireland, it's one of my favourites cities because I was there last year on my students trip and I enjoyed a lot of.

If you like have a great time walking, this city has a lot of  beautiful parks like St. Stephens Green. You can enjoy too going shopping in O'connell and Grafton Street. Also you can visit the Guinness Store house and learn the process of beer, there is the gravitty bar where you can see amazings views of all the city. If you like nightlife you will enjoy visiting Temple bar, there are a lot of pubs and restaurants. You have to visit too the trinity college university, that is the older university of Ireland.

If you are looking for a nice city to enjoy then you´ll love Dublin.

My favourite place


Hello! I'm going to talk about the wonderful city of Austria, Vienna. I speak of this city already that I was there last year.It was the golf course.

Vienna is the capital of Austria, is a very large and very nice city but what I wonder to me was that city cleaning. There you can visit many sites as for example the Museum of Empress Sissi. There are also many places of leisure, I advise you to visit the Prater, is a giant amusement park. A good place to stay to sleep is the Pyramide Hotel. Also you can visit a city which is 300 Km from Vienna, Salzburg, which is the city of music since Mozart was born.

In short, I encourage you to visit Vienna and all its sites and its people. It's a great city to live. I would not hesitate revisiting it.

My favourite place

The place that I choose is the village of El Rocío in Almonte, Huelva. My experience there was very good, lived with 42 people, of all ages and was all the while dancing and laughing. I had a great time, and I visited many sites

For me that place was special, because to start living with 42 people and that is not something great rolls, learn other customs and live new experiences. As the site is super nice, the village, Almonte, matalascañas beach, the atmosphere there is different and special. These on the terrace, and the horses go, people sing, dance and really enjoys.

I recommend it to people, because it is a place where you can relax, or to rest and have fun not very good, plus it is very nice and there are great people.

A place to remember, Dublín.

Dublin is not my favorite place, but it is a place full of memories, and I spent my end of course trip there.

It is the capital of Ireland, which was founded by the Vikings.

Today, the Irish capital is a modern place with a great history.

Thanks to the lively city center and surrounding green landscapes, Dublin is able to attract all kinds of tourists, both nature lovers and those declared urbanites.

This city is renowned writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, or Bram Stoker.

Although the city is not known for its great monuments and museums, it is a place to get lost in its gardens and enjoy a relaxing night taking a Guinness in any of the hundreds of traditional taverns and pubs or even in the same factory, which is open to the public to see their development and to test it in the Gravity bar, the top floor of the factory, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy the incredible St. Patrick's Cathedral, visit all the parks and enjoy nature and the traditional temple bar.

Nor miss the opportunity to take a picture next to the statue of Molly Malone, the famous girl walking through the streets of Dublin with his car, selling fish and has become one of the most popular songs of traditional music Ireland and stroll along the many houses colored doors make Dublin a lively and family place.
I can assure you, you go with who you go to Dublin, you will not be sorry and surely you remember it as a great experience.

My favourite place

My favourite place is Asilah . There is a town of  Morroco that is so close to the famous city of  Tanger .  Asilah is  the place where my dad was born and right now  we ( me and my family) have a house there.
Asilah is one of the most famous places for the tourists because it has a good climate . For the tourists, the good climate with a beach and a good hotels makes her a place so whised for everybody. Also Asilah has a lot of festivals and partys at the night.
I recomend Asilah for everybody because it is a place where nobody can gets borried and the fun is unstoppable.

My favorite place is the city Valencia, is a nice, quiet and fun place, where there is usually good weather and there's always a lot of tourism. Valencia is a place where I feel great, I would be there once with my friends.

In This site you can always do what you want and you will always find what you need. Such as all kinds of shops, restaurants, museums, clubs, the beach, etc..
I recommend it to anyone wanting a great holiday. It is best enjoyed with friends or family in these places so great.

My favorite place

The place that I´m going to describe is Barcelona. It´s a city that I love and I was last weekend of Sempetmber. I was with my olders cousins.
I arrived to the airpot about 7.30 pm and my cousins Clara and Anna were waiting for me there with a present.
When we left to the airport, my aunt and her husband invited us to have dinner in the best restaurant of Barcelona, in Las Ramblas. Later we visited all famous monuments, museums, cimenas....
The next day we went to the pool with Anna´s fiends all day. We were talking photos, playing with the cards. It was a day very busy, but also very funny.
For the night, we didn´t go out, because the next day, I had to return to Madrid, and we were seeing things from when we were little.

I recommend to go to Barcelona because it´s very beautiful and funny city. I´d like return this holidays.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Matalascañas, is situated in Huelva, the south of Spain. It's a very beautiful place to spend the holidays with family or friends. There you can see the most beautiful sunset in the world, you can see where the sun joins the sea, the landscape is incredible!
Having a very long beaches with a very fine sand, is a perfect place to find the tranquility you need. The people there are very friendly. The old town is amazing, you can find shops where you can buy souvenirs or sites where the best food. If you go to Matalascañas, do not forget to visit the Doñana National Park, is one of the largest in Spain. I recommend people to go, because it is one of the most beautiful places in Spain

My favourite place

My favorite place is cardinal Toledo. My I like much since I was there an entire day and did not get tired of seeing things, upside-down I wanted to remain more time seeing things because in the alone day it has not time you to seeing not even the half of the things. I really discovered the nice thing that was Toledo thanks to a friend and he said to me that we were going to see nice things and the truth is that I was not upset with him.
It is very nice because there are many things to visit as big monuments as for example The Fortress or The door of Hinge, doors and walls as the Puerta del Sol or Alcántara's Door, the University and like that City great more palaces, castles, bridges, Roman remains, churches and many more things.
I recommend to go because it is a precious place and you prop also it is a city that has very much movement of people both in the night and for the morning always there are people for the streets.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

My favourite place :)

A small village, but an incredible place -Puçol ( Valencia) 

Puçol is a small village located in the north of  Valencia, it´s such as happening place to visit.
If  you are a tourist there are a lot of things to do it, so if you came to this village I´m sure that you never get bored there!
Last summer I came to this village for the first time and  I was shocked because I do some activities that I have never done like (surfing, dive in the sea, climbing a mountain ..) It was fantastic but very exhausting because all days I usually get up earlier to do that kind of activities and also usually go to bed very late but in my opinion this is the only way to enjoy the summer, don´t you?

Puçol has a lot of things which make it attractive for the tourist, in one hand we have spectacular beaches, in Puçol we have probably one of the best beaches in Valencia, the goverment says that this beach has all the requirements to be one of  the best beaches in Valencia (the water is more cleaner than others beaches and the sand is very fine, there aren´t a lot of  stones and the most important thing is that there aren´t a lot of pollution in the sand) so he gives a blue flag to this beach.
Also near to the beach there  are a big mountain with a lot of nature and animals so if you prefer you can go to the mountain earlier and then when you are tired, descend and stay in beach to be relaxed but if you really like seeing animals see "the Oceanographic" it´s really funny !
About culture Puçol has variety of culture to visit, you can visit "the juanes saints church", the "windmill" which is very famous and obviously you can´t go home without visiting "the Torreta" in the other hand we have party but if you want a very big party it´s better to take the car or the bus and go to Valencia center, there you can find a lot of clubs to enjoy a memorable night.

I really recommend that place because we have all the things that we need to enjoy a lot or to be relaxed if you prefer so as yoy know if you are looking for a place where there´s something for everybody ..
Go to Puçol !
I´m sure that you never forgot the experience.

My favourite place.

My favorite place is the island of Gran Canaria, is a fun place, all relaxing and always with a pleasant climate, and this place is always full of tourists from many countries, mostly German and English.
I love this place because it was summer and it was one of the best summers I've had, I did not want to return home again, there unforgettable visit many places and I had fun.

This site is very suitable for excursions very interesting, because there are many things to discover, you can snorkel, visit Las Palmas and Tenerife, these islands are very near and you can go on boat while enjoying the scenery, and the temperature agadable, that island is special because when you're there it's like disconnected the world.

The most beautiful are the beaches and harbor are places you'll remember forever, the best places to visit and enjoy are the Vegueta, the Jardin Canario and Santa Lucía de Tirajana..  ... If you decide to visit this island, you'll never regret your good choice, because each place you will love.


Describing a place


  •     Albarracín is one of the most beautiful places of Spain. National government declare national monument in 1961 and 2005. A group of experts says that “this is the most beautiful places of Spain”. The settler arrive here were attracted by hunting. The structure is like an “eagle nest”. I choose this place because I like it so much, because it has many beautiful places like the rampart, tower of Doña Blanca, the castle, ant the most interesting are the houses.

  • ·        The views are spectacular because you can see all the town, the houses are very interesting because they are very wide at the bottom because they had to respect the carriages pass and then after just becoming more narrow; so for this reason all the roof are together. This town is all fortified.

  • ·        I recommend you because it’s interesting seeing new places and you will find it very curious.