Saturday, 2 March 2013

My favourite place :)

A small village, but an incredible place -Puçol ( Valencia) 

Puçol is a small village located in the north of  Valencia, it´s such as happening place to visit.
If  you are a tourist there are a lot of things to do it, so if you came to this village I´m sure that you never get bored there!
Last summer I came to this village for the first time and  I was shocked because I do some activities that I have never done like (surfing, dive in the sea, climbing a mountain ..) It was fantastic but very exhausting because all days I usually get up earlier to do that kind of activities and also usually go to bed very late but in my opinion this is the only way to enjoy the summer, don´t you?

Puçol has a lot of things which make it attractive for the tourist, in one hand we have spectacular beaches, in Puçol we have probably one of the best beaches in Valencia, the goverment says that this beach has all the requirements to be one of  the best beaches in Valencia (the water is more cleaner than others beaches and the sand is very fine, there aren´t a lot of  stones and the most important thing is that there aren´t a lot of pollution in the sand) so he gives a blue flag to this beach.
Also near to the beach there  are a big mountain with a lot of nature and animals so if you prefer you can go to the mountain earlier and then when you are tired, descend and stay in beach to be relaxed but if you really like seeing animals see "the Oceanographic" it´s really funny !
About culture Puçol has variety of culture to visit, you can visit "the juanes saints church", the "windmill" which is very famous and obviously you can´t go home without visiting "the Torreta" in the other hand we have party but if you want a very big party it´s better to take the car or the bus and go to Valencia center, there you can find a lot of clubs to enjoy a memorable night.

I really recommend that place because we have all the things that we need to enjoy a lot or to be relaxed if you prefer so as yoy know if you are looking for a place where there´s something for everybody ..
Go to Puçol !
I´m sure that you never forgot the experience.

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