Sunday, 3 March 2013

My favourite place

My favorite place is cardinal Toledo. My I like much since I was there an entire day and did not get tired of seeing things, upside-down I wanted to remain more time seeing things because in the alone day it has not time you to seeing not even the half of the things. I really discovered the nice thing that was Toledo thanks to a friend and he said to me that we were going to see nice things and the truth is that I was not upset with him.
It is very nice because there are many things to visit as big monuments as for example The Fortress or The door of Hinge, doors and walls as the Puerta del Sol or Alcántara's Door, the University and like that City great more palaces, castles, bridges, Roman remains, churches and many more things.
I recommend to go because it is a precious place and you prop also it is a city that has very much movement of people both in the night and for the morning always there are people for the streets.

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