Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scientific testing on animals

Well, I'll start by saying that I might be one of the few people who don't look quite bad the animal testing, although not in all cases. I mean, if we didn't use animals as support, we should use human, and not knowing what reactions will have the body faced certain chemicals, would endanger many lives. So survival issues seems appropriate to use animals.

On the other hand I think it should be more aware that animals are living beings, because sometimes they do very cruel tests and undergo it on very strong tratments.

One of the things that I disagree is animal testing of cosmetic products and treatments for weight loss, cause I see it often unnecessary.

I believe that laboratories should use animals only in tests of drugs or to treat diseases and in this way they'll prevent unnecessary suffering of many animals.

In conclusion, I believe proper the use of animals in science, whenever it is done in moderation and absolutely necessary.

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