Wednesday, 14 March 2012


John and Peter went a vacation to a house  of a friend of Peter. When they got home they found a letter form a friend of Peter and the letter was written that was in the woods hunting and that he would return soon,but after two hours had not returned and John and Peter went to fetch him. When they reached the forest they saw was  very large and did not know where to look. Spent hours and did not find the friend of Peter ,when he suddenly realized that they had lost. It was dark and did not know what to do,but suddenly heard a noise and went to them. When they arrived they saw that the noise was the friend of Peter who had been caught in a trap for animals and helped him escaped. Were many days without finding the exit and not food or water,but were eventually found by hunters who helped them and brought them home and all ended well for them three.

The Rescue, by Cristina

  • A group of friends decided to spend the long weekend in Val d'Aran and go skiing in the ski resort Baqueira-Beret. Came the day to climb to the ski slopes and start skiing, the first three days were very good to very good weather and friends were having very good. 

  • The fourth day came and everything was fine until they decided to make  for off-piste descent. When Christian, one of the guys in the band falls and when it will find you can not get up, then call the other and Louis who is a doctor rushes off to see what happened to Christian. Yuly is the best known area called the trackers to go up to pick up Christian.

  • After 15 minutes the trackers came to the place where everything had happened and put on a stretcher to Christian and skiing down to the nearest hospital from the slopes. Finally he moved to Madrid and had to operate.

The rescue, by Celia

  • It all began when the last summer Diego , Miguel and Alex went camping in Asturias. At the second day they went to climb.First they up the mountain well, but then when they down the mountain, Alex slide and he broke his right arm and dislocated his shoulder too.

  • Diego decided went for help, meanwhile Miguel and Alex sat in a big stones what had next to the river.All of sudden Diego found a ranger where he got help and he gave the cordinates from his friends.Shortly after he returned with Alex and Miguel who were crying.Diego said that the help came soon.

  • A few hours later they saw a SUV and a helicopter that went at his homes and Alex first and the hospital where he was admitted .It was a exiciting and dangerous experience. They've never been so worried and afraid.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Rescue, by Laura

The 25th of September, Angela and Jaime went dive to the Maldivas Islands. They were doing some activities like the scuba-diving, when suddenly, their teacher disppeared. They looked for him in a lot of places but they didn't find him. Angela and Jaime went swimming to an island. There, they found a boat where there was a phone, but it was broken. Jaime, who was too clever, tried to repair it; but he needed a rope, so Angela went to look for something useful. She found a kind of rope tied to a palm. Angela took it and she gave it to her friend. Eventually, Jaime could repare the phone, and they phoned to the coastguard. Hours later, the coastguard arrived to the island, and then, he took the two friends to an hotel, where they were safe.