Monday, 30 April 2012

Men and women in sports

Almost always it has been thought that a men is better in almost all sports than a women . This is not true of all.
In ancient the women can't participated in competitions of sport, or do things that used to do the men.

In sports one person can do all that is proposed, only is necessary train a lot, therefore say that a men is better that a women in a one type of sport is a liar. Every day this cliche is used less because a lot of women in the history of sports are demostrated that can do the same o better things that a women, not only in sports that it said that are typic about the women , like for example gymnastic, otherwise in much others sport like for example football, boxing , etc.

In conclusion the men and women in sports have the same opportunities , it's only much effort .

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Men and Women in sports - together or separately?

Normally in the world of sports, men and women play separately but there are sports where the teams are mixed.

On the one hand, most people think that men and women should be separated because men have a higher constitution or stronger than women.

Moreover, there are people who think is a discrimination can't play on the same machine men and women.

In my opinion, I think we are all alike and if there were mixed teams, we could all enjoy most sports and all could participate more in them.

Ladys and mens in sport - by Laura Gómez

Ladys and mens practise the sports in different teams. They don't play together in any sport because people think that the girls and boys aren't trained the same way to do sport.
I think that the girls and boys can play in the same team because they aren't different physical. There are girls how are very strong and tall, and, There are boys how are short, thing and weak.
So the differences between girls and boys are not many.

Women on men´s sports teams? - by Sergio Fernández

There are meny discussions about if women can play on men´s sports teams, nowadays women can´t play with men professionally but women can play with men when they are young, I think since fourteen or fifteen years.

On the one hand, some women are as prepared as men to play any sport, like football for example, and in today´s society there is equality between men a women in almost all, and why not in professional sports?
Furthermore, there are some women better than men in many sports, for instance, the tennis, so why not a Wimbledon final between Nadal and Venus Williams?

On the other hand, it´s true that woman can´t play with men in sports like basketball, for example, because men are usually taller than woman and height is very important in basketball. Moreover, men are usually more interested in sport than women.

In conclusion, although I think that should be equality between men and women, I believe that women haven´t the same physical strength than men so I think that women can´t play on men´s sports teams professionally.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


John and Peter went a vacation to a house  of a friend of Peter. When they got home they found a letter form a friend of Peter and the letter was written that was in the woods hunting and that he would return soon,but after two hours had not returned and John and Peter went to fetch him. When they reached the forest they saw was  very large and did not know where to look. Spent hours and did not find the friend of Peter ,when he suddenly realized that they had lost. It was dark and did not know what to do,but suddenly heard a noise and went to them. When they arrived they saw that the noise was the friend of Peter who had been caught in a trap for animals and helped him escaped. Were many days without finding the exit and not food or water,but were eventually found by hunters who helped them and brought them home and all ended well for them three.

The Rescue, by Cristina

  • A group of friends decided to spend the long weekend in Val d'Aran and go skiing in the ski resort Baqueira-Beret. Came the day to climb to the ski slopes and start skiing, the first three days were very good to very good weather and friends were having very good. 

  • The fourth day came and everything was fine until they decided to make  for off-piste descent. When Christian, one of the guys in the band falls and when it will find you can not get up, then call the other and Louis who is a doctor rushes off to see what happened to Christian. Yuly is the best known area called the trackers to go up to pick up Christian.

  • After 15 minutes the trackers came to the place where everything had happened and put on a stretcher to Christian and skiing down to the nearest hospital from the slopes. Finally he moved to Madrid and had to operate.

The rescue, by Celia

  • It all began when the last summer Diego , Miguel and Alex went camping in Asturias. At the second day they went to climb.First they up the mountain well, but then when they down the mountain, Alex slide and he broke his right arm and dislocated his shoulder too.

  • Diego decided went for help, meanwhile Miguel and Alex sat in a big stones what had next to the river.All of sudden Diego found a ranger where he got help and he gave the cordinates from his friends.Shortly after he returned with Alex and Miguel who were crying.Diego said that the help came soon.

  • A few hours later they saw a SUV and a helicopter that went at his homes and Alex first and the hospital where he was admitted .It was a exiciting and dangerous experience. They've never been so worried and afraid.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Rescue, by Laura

The 25th of September, Angela and Jaime went dive to the Maldivas Islands. They were doing some activities like the scuba-diving, when suddenly, their teacher disppeared. They looked for him in a lot of places but they didn't find him. Angela and Jaime went swimming to an island. There, they found a boat where there was a phone, but it was broken. Jaime, who was too clever, tried to repair it; but he needed a rope, so Angela went to look for something useful. She found a kind of rope tied to a palm. Angela took it and she gave it to her friend. Eventually, Jaime could repare the phone, and they phoned to the coastguard. Hours later, the coastguard arrived to the island, and then, he took the two friends to an hotel, where they were safe.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

This is me, Celia

I love Portugal, and the way that they speak; I love the mexican culture in special the mexican skulls and the tipical clothes and i love it the lions too. I love go shopping for Madrid Center. I hate study Economy and Philoshophy because are very boring and difficult.I dislike see a poor people because I think that some day I'll can be in the future like them and this scary me.And finally I don't mind help if any person need it.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

This is me, Samuel

I am  like watch tv every day in my room and also like  listen music of type rock, hip hop , pop...
I am  dislike listen radio and dislike Autumn and Spring . I am love out with my friends at the park ,
cinema, play the football ...
My football team favorite is the Real Madrid and I am  hate football F.C Barcelona. I am  hate subject  filosofia and cmc , and I am like subject physical education and TICO .

Sunday, 5 February 2012

This is me, Laura

I love go out with my friends every weekends, it's very funny. I like go to the village in summer I love the swimming pool, the partys... although  too I like go in the winter. I hate the raining days and the cold,and too I dislike to get up early , because I like sleep. Althought I don´t mind if wait a great day.

This is me Lorena

This is me Lorena.

I  like sports with football or tennis, i like to eat burgers and fruit, and dislike vegetable.
My favorite subject is economy and history and my least favorite is math.
I love animals especially dogs but never had, at home i only  had turtles, hamster,rabbits and a bird.The weekend i like going to museums, the theatre and go to winter snow.

This is me, Alba.

All the weekends I like go out with my friends especially when  We're going to the party but the days don’t go out with them I like go out with my boyfriend.I love  Formula 1 and football,I am a big fan of FC Barcelona.I dislike study mathematics especially on weekends.
Opening Path / Abriendo Camino

this is me, Denís

I like dancing, I like to sing and I like to watch TV, but in my spare time I like hanging out whit my friends, I like being whit my boyfriend and I like going out at night.
I dislike winter and I love the summer.
I hate having to wait for late arrivals.
I love sleeping and I don't mind getting up late.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

This is me, Cristina

I love music, I like many styles, except I dislike reggaeton lot.
I also love sports especially basketball even I don't mind watching football.
I love being with my friends,have fun and make them laugh.
What I hate most are insects and reptiles give me much disgust

This is me, Esther

I love shopping, if only to window-shop 
I also like pop music and go dancing with my friends
I like water polo even thought i don't practice it, i do not really like cats neither mondays and maths because i can't do well.
I don't really football occasionally do not mind going to see any match i find it amusing rather than watch it on  tv.