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An incident report.

Name of person reporting incident: Patricia Simon.
Today's date: 07/06/2013.
Location of incident: on a chalet

The incident occurred at 8.35pm on Saturday evening, in big chalet of Madrid. The incident involved smith family (Gabriella, Jayden and Helen the victims) and Kevin (the thief).

They were watching a very important football match because Spain was playing a final match when my mum started feeling bad so she decided to go to bed. Then they heard a very loud noise so my father decided to go upstairs to check that my mum was well, when he went in the bedroom he saw the window broken and his wife was lying in the floor and a broken vase near she. When he went to help his wife a person hit him back and he fell of on the floor. Helen started thinking where was my dad so when the match finished she decided to go upstairs and what was happening when she went in the bedroom and she saw a big puddle near the head of my mum. She started crying and woke up my father who was near her we called the police and the ambulance but it was late because she was died.

Helen felt guilty because if she had gone before the match finished, her mum would have been alive now, the thief was caught for the police and they return all the money and the jewellery.     

Monday, 3 June 2013

An incident.

Name of person reporting incident: Michael Alvarado. 
Today's date(day/month/year): 03/06/2013.
Institution: Carrefour.

The incident ocurred al 10.25 approximately on Wednesday morning in the parking of Carrefour. The incident involved Rachel García(the victim) and Jorge Rodriguez(the allegend offender). 

I was leaving the carrefour with a friend when I saw rachel parking across the street, she was talking on the phone thus did not notice a car approaching. I scream for him to be careful, but it was too late. My friend and I ran to see how it was, he was still conscious and we could talk. The man in the car came out and said that he had no guilt because she was distracted with the phone.

Quickly call an ambulance. They came and took her to the hospital where he is recovering. This will teach you that you should go street attentive and not distracted.

An Incident Report

Name of person reporting incident: Alberto González

Today´s date: 18/10/2011

Institution: BBVA Bank

The incident ocurred at 6.30 pm on Wednesday evening in the Bank. The incident involved banker (victim) and the thief (alleged offender).

I was waiting in line at the bank to talk to the accounts worker my money, when suddenly appeared one man dressed all in black with a gun. The thief is he directed toward threatening him with death to banker. The banker reacts quickly and pulse the alarm. After 10 minutes the police entered and captured the thief while he was grabbing money. Finally, the police arrested the thief was carried to the police station to question him about what happened.

 Police reassure people to continue with their normal life. At the time of the robbery the people were very frightened and they began to cry until the police showed up. I didn´t expect a robbery because there were many people and not a robbery was normal under these conditions.


An Incident Report.

Name of person reporting incident: Lubomir Todorov.
Today´s date: 13/5/2000
Institution: Santander Bank.

The incident ocurred at 11.30 on Friday morning in the santander bank. The incident involves Maria Snachez ( the victim ) and Juan Blanco ( the alleged offender ).

I was in the Santander Bank when i saw entering a murder with a gun in his hand. Maria the banker was very frightened and went to press the emergency button but failed because the murder shot in her hand and fell down. Maria was losing a lot of blood.

Maria looked very pale by what was going on. The rest of de people in the bank was very scared and they didn´t anything but i think they were blocked with this situation. I know some of the witness in the bank and they are a very courageous people. I was really disappointed in their attitude, they could have done somenthing to help Maria but they didn´t lift a finger.

An incident report

Name of person reporting incident: Cristian de la Peña
Today´s date: 14/02/2011
Institution: Jewelr

The incident ocurred at 7.00 pm on Monday evening in the shop "Sánchez Jewelry". The incident involved shop assistant (the victim) and the mugger.

I was in the shop to buy a ring. The shop assistant was attending an other client. She was showing some bracelets to her when a man came in the shop, he had a gun in his hand. He pointed the shop assistant's head and said: ''Give me the money and jewels''. She started to cry and the other client and me were shocked and we didn't know what to do so we stayed in silence. She gave him all the money and the mugger ran out of the shop but in the street the police was waiting him because the shop assistant had pressed the emergency's button.

Finally, everything went well but the shop assitant, the other client and me were frightened. We thought that the incident could finished with some injured person but fortunately it was just a scare.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Name of person reporting incident : Laura Barroso
Today's date (day/month/year) : 15/02/2002
School/Insttitution : Dionisio Aguado

The incident ocurred at 10:00 on Monday morning in the playground .The incident involved Marc Wevel ( the victim ) and Mike Ander ( the alleged offender )

I was in the bank of the playground when I saw appear at Mike , He went where Mark and your friends were playing football and he was near field , Marc was misled and hit Mike with the ball in the face , this became angry and he went to punch him . Marc tried to defend but he can't it

I think that Mike did it wrong because Marc was misled and hit him without want , he should have waited for Marc apologize and It would not have happened.

An incident.

Name of person reporting incident: Sergio Florin
Today's date (day/month/year): 01/08/2011
School/institution: Dioniso Aguado

The incident occurred on Friday evening in front of the sport centre. The incident involved Jonas (victim), and the driver of the motorcycle Peter ( the offender)

I was coming from the sport centre when i saw the accident. Jonas was crossing the road by the pedestrian crossing. Petm motorcycle and when he saw Petter stopped immediately and he fall out of the moped and  pushed jonas to the road. Peter ser was going at high speed with hitruck his head strongly but he had helmet. Jonas only had bruises.

My friends and me saw the accident, we ran immediately to worry about the accident. Obviously the offender was peter. All people knew. If peter not was distracted nothing would happened. 

An incident report

Report of an accident:

Name of person reporting incident: Verónica García
Today´s date: (day/month/year): 02/06/2013
Institution: traffic accident

The accident occurred at 8:15 approximately on friday morning on the road to go to school. The accident involved Barbara ( the victim) ,the driver of the car ( the alleged offender) and some people that were there when the accident started ( witness)

I was on the way to go to school with my friends and we were waiting a girl to go the school when I saw Barbara a bit clueless, she probably thought about an exam, or about some problems, we called her to come with us but she can´t hear us. Inmediately we feared that an accident could happen  because another car came in the other direction, one of my friends try to shout  her but she can´t saw it, the driver of the other car was chatting with someone and talking on his phone when he was driving.

In that moment the accident ocurred Barbara came out fired from his moped and fell to the ground, all the student´s who were there try to help, but some of them were shocked and they unaware what they had to do. The driver of the other car didn´t care about Barbara he only watched his car to see if he could find any blow and shouted her things like " It was your fault", " You didn´t watch me "...
Affortunatly my friends and I called the police and the ambulance and  now Barbara  is in the hospital recovering from the accident.
I know Barbara quite well and I think that situation will teach her to pay more attention when she drives.

An incident

Name of person reporting incident: Sandra López
Today's date (day/month/year): 21/03/2010
School/institution: Dioniso Aguado

The incident ocurred a Monday, i didn't know the hour, the place was the parking of the school. The victim was Barbara and the alleged offender was a one man that i didn't know.

I'm considered the only witness of the incident. The incident was that the man went in a car, while talked by movil, just Barbara went on the motorbike for go to the her home, but suddenly the man hit to Barbara with his car and she was hurt. The man went out of his car and the first things that he did were is angry and scream Barbara, but she didn't heard he. The man called to the ambulance and they took Barbara to the hospital.

When I saw the incident I think that the man was crazy, because his reaction was awful. But Barbara denounced, was the better opcion, and the man paid to Barbara the fine. Barbara is now good and completely recovered.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

An incident

It was a Saturday afternoon, about 5 pm, and two friends and I say go to Parquesur in Leganes. As one of the friends would not let her go by metro, as were his parents who drove us there.

We are on the road, and we were three of us and the parents of the girl

We were singing and suddenly a car step ahead and went to the road, and was before us, but we do not pass anything.

We being the first time that we saw something, we get scared a lot. Not out of the car but if the girl's parents, and went to help the wounded, but then in an unexpected moment, they ran, and that was that the car had been stolen.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


AUDREY HEPBURN was born in 1929 in ixelles (Bélgica) Hepburn attended the Arnhem Conservatory from 1939 to 1945, where she studied piano and ballet, which she combined with his schooling.

During her youth, Audrey suffered World War II, first in Belgium and then in Holland, Audrey spoke perfect English, French, Dutch and Italian,also spoke a bit of German and a little Spanish. She studied to be a dancer, but the war raged on their constitution, so she continued studying and practicing, Audrey decided to find another profession and became an actress.

In 1945, after the war, Audrey left the Arnhem Conservatory and moved to Amsterdam where she took ballet lessons with Sonia Gaskell. In 1948 she went to London and continued studying ballet, this time from the hand of the renowned Marie Rambert, teacher of Vaslav Nijinsky, one of the greatest dancers of the history of dance.

Her portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) made ​​her an icon of  American cinema. Hepburn was married twice, first to actor Mel Ferrer, with whom she had a son, Sean.

Her last film appearance was in 1989, from then until his death in 1993, Audrey actively collaborated with UNICEF, becoming a goodwill ambassador. Audrey went down in history as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood..

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tupac shakur was born in 1971 in EEUU. He was a american rapper and actor who is considered the best rapper of all the times Tupac shakur had a childhood that it was marked for the revolucionary ideas that his mother Afeni shakur and his father Billy Garland gave to him. His parents were active members of the Black panther party  a black revolutionary socialist organization in the United States. During his adolescence Tupac awakened a interest for poetry and theatre. One of his main achievements was when he sold over 75 million albums worldwide in 2010making him one of the best-selling music. Also MTV ranked him at number two on their list of The Greatest MCs of All times and Rolling Stone magazine named him the 86th Greatest Artist of All Times. On the night of September 7, 1996, Shakur attended the Mike_Tyson" title="Mike Tyson Bruce_Seldon" boxing match at MGM Grand Las Vegas in Las Vegas. After leaving the match, somebody got close to his car and shouted him. Finally, he died and police never found his murder.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Shakira Biography

Shakira was born in 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia.
She is William and Nidia´s daughter. She began to sing when she was 8 years old, and her first song was called "Tus gafas oscuras" in 1996.
One of the her first albums was "Pies descalzos", but in 2001, with Servivio de Lavanderia she reached the internacional hit.
Shakira has won two Grammys awards and eight Grammys Latino awards. She is the third personality in number of followers in Facebook, after Rihanna and Eminem.
Since 2012 se is Pique´s girlsfiend, football player, and the have a baby called, Milan.
Last year she  pulled a colony, called "Shakira"
This person is important because she is well known and very famous because it has released 6 albums, of which three are international (English and Spanish, which helps you to be his songs usually in the 2 major languages​​).

Dani Martín

Dani Martín was born in 1977 in Madrid. When he was child liked imitated to his idols and he dream with have his own group. He don't like the study in a school and start in the school of Dramatic Arts.

When he was fourteen years he presented in TVE a one program it name was ''Ponte las pilas''. He had a own group in 1994 and his name was ''El canto del loco''.

In 2010 the group separated and makes a one disc lonely, his name was ''Pequeño''. Two songs of the disc are dedicated for her sister that die in a accident of car.

Dani Martín too participates in a films or series of TV. He is very famous because he sings and he's a good actor. He is winner a lot of awards of music.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ivan jrutski

Ivan jrutski , one of the world is most respected and celebrated paintings , was born in Belarusian in the 1980s His first known works are dated 1832. The paintings gradually gathered public and critical acclaim. Chrucki also worked as an interior designer, and became a popular amongst the wealthy home owners. In 1836 he was awarded the Major Silver medal of the Academy for his still-lifes. Chrucki also executed nice genre pictures and portraits. Old Woman Knitting a Sock, brought him the Minor Gold medal of the Academy. In 1839 he was awarded the title of the Academician. Her pieces are sometimes abstract and her work can be found in the best museums around the world.

 Ivan Fomich Khrutsky was born into a family of Polish gentry in the village of Ulka, Vitebsk region. Little is known about his youth. In 1827, Khrutsky came to St. Petersburg and in 1830 entered the Academy of Arts. The first known works are dated 1832. The composition of the works is very simple, but the artist is very precise with details. Already in the late 1830s his compositions become more and more complicated.

 The abundance of items painted with thoroughness and care roused admiration both in the public and the critics. The artist became very fashionable, everyone wanted his still-lifes to decorate their houses. In 1836, Khrutsky was awarded the Major Silver medal of the Academy for his still-lifes. Though his still-lifes were of abundant success and the artist carried them out in dozens to secure his financial situation, he never dropped landscape painting and also executed nice genre pictures and portraits.Old Woman Knitting a Sock, brought him the Minor Gold medal of the Academy. 

Ivan  is very famous because he create an illusion in the paintings with his paintings of still life then deas her father change your style and want brought him fame wing and represent the hardness of his time in his works.

Francisco de Goya

He was born in 1746, was Spanish painter and printmaker. He studied with J. Luzán and, from 1763, with his future brother J. Bayeu.

Early work are the frescoes of the Pillar of Zaragoza. In 1766-92 conducted over 45 cartoons for tapestries, ("The Crockery", "The Straw", "Blind Man's Buff" ...). Painter to Charles IV in 1789. In 1792, following a serious illness, was deaf. In 1794 he published a series of etchings, "Los Caprichos." From this period are also a number of small tables and one of his major works, "The Burial of the Sardine". 1798 In thousand decorated, tempera and fresco the chapel suburb of San Antonio de la florida.Gran portrait ("Dukes of Osuna", "Alba", "Jovellanos", "Moratinos", "Countess of Chinchon" "Isabel Cobos "), in 1800 he painted the large canvas" the Family of Charles IV ", one of the jewels of the Prado Museum. From about 1802 are the sensual canvases "Clothed Maja" and "Naked Maja".

The Revolutionary War suggested the etchings from the series "Disasters of War" (1810-1813) and paintings "Dos de Mayo" and "Executions of the Third of May" (Prado). In 1815-16 he recorded the series "Bullfighting". Embittered by the absolutísimo of Fernando VII, he retired to his fifth of the Deaf on the outskirts of Madrid (1819), whose walls decorated with so-called "black paintings" passes after the canvas (Prado). He recorded then the collection of "the silly". In 1823 he was exiled to Bordeaux, where he died in 1828.


Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Málaga born, 1881 - died in Moulins, France, 1973 Spanish Artist. Son of fellow artist José Ruiz Blasco, in 1895 he moved with his family to Barcelona, ​​where the young painter was associated with other painters.

Between 1901 and 1904 Pablo Picasso Was between his home in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris, while his paintings were in big influenced by symbolism. In the spring of 1904, Picasso decided to move permanently to Paris

He painted many pictures but the most famous is the famous Guernica is a painting by Pablo Picasso, whose title is in memory of the bombing of Guernica, which occurred on April 26 of that year, during the Spanish Civil War.
This picture is of worldwide fame and some teach the horrors of war.

Murio en Mougins Francia, el 8 de abril de 1973, a los 91 años de edad y está enterrado en el parque del castillo de Vauvenargues (Bouches-du-Rhone). Uno de los principales artistas del siglo X X. Fundó, con Georges Braque y Juan Gris, el movimiento cubista. Pintó más de 2000 obras

Miguel Angel


Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in 1475 in Italy. He was an Italian Renaissance architect, sculptor and painter. He is considered as a great artist for his paints and his architectural work. He was the first artist to be published two biographies in life. He was known as “The divine”.

Since he was young, he expressed their artistic skills to the sculpture, a discipline in which he began to shine. He was Domenico  and  Davide di Tomaso di Currado’s Apprentice for a one year. His mother died in 1481, when Michelangelo was six and his father did not has a permanent job. Miguel  Angel wanted to be an artist and this caused problems with his father because he thought that there wasn’t future in art. The artist was homosexual and had relationships with several young people, as Cecchino dei Bracci, for whom he had great affection.

His main achievement was his work of art in “La Basílica de San Pedro del Vaticano.” 
He dies in 1564 when he was 88 years old. He is one of the most important and recognized painter and sculptor in the history because of his great works. 

Vicent Van gogh

Vincent van Gogh A biography of an artist

Vicent van Gogh was born in 1853 in Netherlands He was a famous post-impressionist painter whose work is notable for its beauty , color and emotion.

Van Gogh went to school irregulary sharped because his parents his parents took him to different boarding . He left school when he is 15 years . In his latest boarding he started having hobby of painting. The said that his life is cool , bad and vain . He is famous now because in that moment his brother Theo helped . He suffered a mental illness that led him to cut an ear.

His main achievements were when he had died . He started to have influence in an exhibition in París , followed by several exhibition in Amsterdam , New York and Berlín.

He died in 1890. He was recognized as one of the most important painters of the history.Several of Van Gogh's paintings are among the most expensive paintings in the world

Claude Monet

Oscar-Claude Monet was born in 1840 in Paris, was one of the founders of impressionist painting. The term Impressionism is derived from the title of his work Impression, Sunrise created in 1872.

Between 1851 and 1857 Claude Monet attended high school in Le Havre where he was taught drawing by Jacques-François Ochard. He did not like school discipline and preferred to be on the cliff or by the sea. During his lectures drew caricatures of his teachers and other students who were exposed in the window of the only merchant picture frames from Le Havre. At the age of 15 years Monet was known as a cartoonist in the city and received orders for which charged up to 20 francs.

His early works, up to half of the 1860s, are realistic style. Monet managed to expose some of these works in the Hall of París.En the 1870s was part of the Impressionist exhibitions, his work Impression, Sunrise was part of the 1874 Salon des Refuses.

Monet died in 1926, now is recognized one of the founders of impressionist painting.

Vicent van Gogh

Vicent van Gogh was a painter neerlanes who was born in 1853. From a very young was interested in drawing. His first job was in an art gallery.

In his youth he began working as a pastor and then went as a missionary when he was 26 years old. In those moments he began to draw people from that place.

There he painted his first major work the ``potato eaters´´. The quality of his work was only recognised after his death.

After suffering frequent bouts of mental illness throughout his life, led him to suicide in 1890. It had a great influence on the art of the 20th century.

Joan Miró i Ferrà

Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona. 

Miró initially went to business school as well as art school. He began his working career when he was a teenager as a clerk, but he abandoned the business world completely for art . His early art, was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne. 

Some of his works are  Head of a Catalan Peasant ,Catalan Landscape (The Hunter), The Happiness of Loving My Brunette. The most famous is The Farm, that shows  the farmhouse owned by his family in the town of Mont-roig del Camp. Miró describes it as "a summary of my entire life in the countryside" and "the summary of one period of my work, but also the point of departure for what was to follow."

He  is famous for its murals, ceramic sculpture and theater decorations and beacause is one of the most representatives figure of surrealism. 

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali was born in the Catalan town of Figueras, Spain, on May 11, 1904. He soon showed skills for drawing, and his father, a notary, sent to Madrid to study at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, for removal if years later. His early works, such as "Girl at the Window", were within a naturalistic and detailed that produced an ambiguous sense of unreality, which accentuate later.

In 1928, driven by the Catalan painter Joan Miró moved to Paris and joined the Surrealist movement, however, with its exhibition of 1933 met international fame. It was then that he began to lead a full social life and eccentricities povocaciones. This attitude was seen by some as a way to market his paintings and coupled with his lack of political stance, leading to his expulsion from the Surrealist group. During this period implemented its "method of interpretation paranoiac-critical", based on the theories of psychoanalysis, delirious and dreamlike elements associating a realistic pictorial language.

During World War II, he settled in the United States, close to Hollywood, where he worked with some movies. In the late 1940s regrsó to Spain and began a mystical phase compositions from famous as "The Last Supper" on the work of Italian, Leonardo da Vinci. Subsequently alternated painting with jewelry design and book illustration. Meanwhile, the anthology exhibition of his work took place (New York, 1966, Paris, 1979, Madrid, 1982), and, as his public speeches were declining, the controversy gave way to a renewed interest in his painting.

In 1974 it opened in Figueras, his hometown, the Dali Museum. Eight years later he died Gala, his muse, which decrease its activity did artístca.Salvador Dalí was with Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, one of the great representatives of twentieth-century Spanish painting.

Salvador Dalí

-Salvador Dalí-

Salvador Dalí was born in 1904 in Gerona. By the years he became an internationally popular painter, very famous because he started with the cubism ( way of painting that later will be used by others painters like Federico García Lorca, Pepin Bello...)
In general all his paintings were influenced by many artistic styles from the Classic to the Vanguards, even his paintings are characterized by mixing a lot of styles when he painted.

Dali´s early live was generally marked by bad luck. In 1926 Dalí was expelled from the academy where he studied, and he had to go to Paris where he met Pablo Picasso who was a great friend from him, a few months later he met Elena a girl who fell in love, this will create a lot of  problems with his father who try to opposed  this romance.
During this time he decided to join a new style of painting "the surrealism" and it was with this style when Dalí painted his most famous works in 1931, but when the 2nd world War was revaging Europe he escape to New york where he let the paintings aside and he did other things like writing a novel or desing pictures in books...

Later, when some problems are solved he return to Paris because an exposition of his paintings has revolutionized France and this was the key to his later sucess, by this period he lets fly his imagination, creating optical ilusions who makes everyone stunned.

Dali´s later life was a period of pain because he consumed drugs, that makes him losing artistic ability, after that his wife died, that made Dalí lost the will to live.
In 1989 he died because of numerous problems, in general he was one of the most succesful man painters of the 20th century. Actually all the world knows him for his work and his talent.

Diego Velázquez

Diego Velázquez was born in Seville in 1599 and he died in Madrid in 1660. He was a Baroque painter, considered one of the best painters of Spain and universal master of painting.

He spent his first steps in Seville, and at age 24 he went to Madrid where he was appointed painter to King Philip IV and four years later he was promoted to painter. He dedicated the rest of his life painting portraits of the king and his family.

He painted great works like "La rendición de Breda". This period opened with "Retrato del papa Inocencio X" because he owned his last two masterpieces: "Las Meninas" and "Las hilanderas".

It has about 120 works and is considered one of the best painters in history. The majority of his works are in the Prado museum in Madrid.

Jason Statham - A biography of an actor.

Jason Statham was born in 1967 in Derbyshire, England.Statham is noted for being typecasted in antihero roles. He usually performs his own stage combat and stunts. Before he was an actor was well known for jumping the trampoline and also was an actor when he was offered an opportunity to make a movie of fights with de film director Guy Ritchie with which he has made ​​many movies.

Statham´s early life was very good. From 1978-1983 he initially chose not to follow his father's career working the local market stalls and decided to pursue the arts. He grew up with football player Vinnie Jones, alongside whom he would later go on to act. Jones introduced him to football, and Statham went on to play for the local grammar school. In 1998 when he began making movies and become famous because of their form of paste.

From 1998, Jason continue doing his films and all the world see them and like it. He hasn´t some prize or anything but he is well known by people in his movies so that for he is a huge accomplishment that many can´t indulge in.

Statham still alive and today he is one of the most popular "fighter" in the film world. He affects of many children, teenagers eg. who decided to join paste like him.

Lubomir Todorov Guirov. 1ºbachiderato D

Pablo Alborán

It is a Spanish songwriter has Malaga. It debuted at the Latin Grammy Awards. He debuted with his first release'' Solamente tú'' which reached the top spot for several weeks. Several weeks later launched in Portugal where he also reached the top spot for several weeks. From her singles are two'' Solamente tú'' and'' Perdóname''.

At 12 she wrote her first songs'' ''Amor de Barrio'' and '' and ''Desencuentro'' found on your hard debut.Artistic journey began in the hand of a Flemish family acting in a restaurant in Malaga, who christened him ''El blanco moreno' . This is where first acts alone.

His achievements were to be the first soloist signing a complete album in making début in the highest thing from 1998 in Spain.

Why has achieved many accomplishments in a short time and is loved by many people