Sunday, 2 June 2013

An incident report

Report of an accident:

Name of person reporting incident: Verónica García
Today´s date: (day/month/year): 02/06/2013
Institution: traffic accident

The accident occurred at 8:15 approximately on friday morning on the road to go to school. The accident involved Barbara ( the victim) ,the driver of the car ( the alleged offender) and some people that were there when the accident started ( witness)

I was on the way to go to school with my friends and we were waiting a girl to go the school when I saw Barbara a bit clueless, she probably thought about an exam, or about some problems, we called her to come with us but she can´t hear us. Inmediately we feared that an accident could happen  because another car came in the other direction, one of my friends try to shout  her but she can´t saw it, the driver of the other car was chatting with someone and talking on his phone when he was driving.

In that moment the accident ocurred Barbara came out fired from his moped and fell to the ground, all the student´s who were there try to help, but some of them were shocked and they unaware what they had to do. The driver of the other car didn´t care about Barbara he only watched his car to see if he could find any blow and shouted her things like " It was your fault", " You didn´t watch me "...
Affortunatly my friends and I called the police and the ambulance and  now Barbara  is in the hospital recovering from the accident.
I know Barbara quite well and I think that situation will teach her to pay more attention when she drives.

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