Sunday, 2 June 2013

An incident.

Name of person reporting incident: Sergio Florin
Today's date (day/month/year): 01/08/2011
School/institution: Dioniso Aguado

The incident occurred on Friday evening in front of the sport centre. The incident involved Jonas (victim), and the driver of the motorcycle Peter ( the offender)

I was coming from the sport centre when i saw the accident. Jonas was crossing the road by the pedestrian crossing. Petm motorcycle and when he saw Petter stopped immediately and he fall out of the moped and  pushed jonas to the road. Peter ser was going at high speed with hitruck his head strongly but he had helmet. Jonas only had bruises.

My friends and me saw the accident, we ran immediately to worry about the accident. Obviously the offender was peter. All people knew. If peter not was distracted nothing would happened. 

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