Monday, 3 June 2013

An Incident Report.

Name of person reporting incident: Lubomir Todorov.
Today´s date: 13/5/2000
Institution: Santander Bank.

The incident ocurred at 11.30 on Friday morning in the santander bank. The incident involves Maria Snachez ( the victim ) and Juan Blanco ( the alleged offender ).

I was in the Santander Bank when i saw entering a murder with a gun in his hand. Maria the banker was very frightened and went to press the emergency button but failed because the murder shot in her hand and fell down. Maria was losing a lot of blood.

Maria looked very pale by what was going on. The rest of de people in the bank was very scared and they didn´t anything but i think they were blocked with this situation. I know some of the witness in the bank and they are a very courageous people. I was really disappointed in their attitude, they could have done somenthing to help Maria but they didn´t lift a finger.

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