Friday, 7 June 2013

An incident report.

Name of person reporting incident: Patricia Simon.
Today's date: 07/06/2013.
Location of incident: on a chalet

The incident occurred at 8.35pm on Saturday evening, in big chalet of Madrid. The incident involved smith family (Gabriella, Jayden and Helen the victims) and Kevin (the thief).

They were watching a very important football match because Spain was playing a final match when my mum started feeling bad so she decided to go to bed. Then they heard a very loud noise so my father decided to go upstairs to check that my mum was well, when he went in the bedroom he saw the window broken and his wife was lying in the floor and a broken vase near she. When he went to help his wife a person hit him back and he fell of on the floor. Helen started thinking where was my dad so when the match finished she decided to go upstairs and what was happening when she went in the bedroom and she saw a big puddle near the head of my mum. She started crying and woke up my father who was near her we called the police and the ambulance but it was late because she was died.

Helen felt guilty because if she had gone before the match finished, her mum would have been alive now, the thief was caught for the police and they return all the money and the jewellery.     

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