Sunday, 19 February 2012

This is me, Celia

I love Portugal, and the way that they speak; I love the mexican culture in special the mexican skulls and the tipical clothes and i love it the lions too. I love go shopping for Madrid Center. I hate study Economy and Philoshophy because are very boring and difficult.I dislike see a poor people because I think that some day I'll can be in the future like them and this scary me.And finally I don't mind help if any person need it.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

This is me, Samuel

I am  like watch tv every day in my room and also like  listen music of type rock, hip hop , pop...
I am  dislike listen radio and dislike Autumn and Spring . I am love out with my friends at the park ,
cinema, play the football ...
My football team favorite is the Real Madrid and I am  hate football F.C Barcelona. I am  hate subject  filosofia and cmc , and I am like subject physical education and TICO .

Sunday, 5 February 2012

This is me, Laura

I love go out with my friends every weekends, it's very funny. I like go to the village in summer I love the swimming pool, the partys... although  too I like go in the winter. I hate the raining days and the cold,and too I dislike to get up early , because I like sleep. Althought I don´t mind if wait a great day.

This is me Lorena

This is me Lorena.

I  like sports with football or tennis, i like to eat burgers and fruit, and dislike vegetable.
My favorite subject is economy and history and my least favorite is math.
I love animals especially dogs but never had, at home i only  had turtles, hamster,rabbits and a bird.The weekend i like going to museums, the theatre and go to winter snow.

This is me, Alba.

All the weekends I like go out with my friends especially when  We're going to the party but the days don’t go out with them I like go out with my boyfriend.I love  Formula 1 and football,I am a big fan of FC Barcelona.I dislike study mathematics especially on weekends.
Opening Path / Abriendo Camino

this is me, Denís

I like dancing, I like to sing and I like to watch TV, but in my spare time I like hanging out whit my friends, I like being whit my boyfriend and I like going out at night.
I dislike winter and I love the summer.
I hate having to wait for late arrivals.
I love sleeping and I don't mind getting up late.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

This is me, Cristina

I love music, I like many styles, except I dislike reggaeton lot.
I also love sports especially basketball even I don't mind watching football.
I love being with my friends,have fun and make them laugh.
What I hate most are insects and reptiles give me much disgust

This is me, Esther

I love shopping, if only to window-shop 
I also like pop music and go dancing with my friends
I like water polo even thought i don't practice it, i do not really like cats neither mondays and maths because i can't do well.
I don't really football occasionally do not mind going to see any match i find it amusing rather than watch it on  tv.