Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He is a very good sportman and one of the greatest models of fitness and bodybuilding of the history. He is about fifty years old and maybe his weight is about 80 kilos however he was very fit . He is white skinned and he has blown hair.
He is very hard-working and well-known too. He looks like a good- humoured person and his friends say that he is very friendly and generous with the people too.
Arnold have done a lot of thungs in his life. At first, he has been considered the best bodybuilder of history and the first of win a lot of Mr.Olympias trophies and he created the Arnold Classic one of the most important competitions of bodybuilding. Arnold also has been a good actor of hollywood and the president of the state of California.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My hero

I´m going to talk about Johnny Depp, he is medium-height, slim, he has brown eyes and brown hair , and he is good looking. Johnny Depp was born in  Owensboro, Kentucky, United States, in 9 of June of 1963, he has 49 years old. Her real name is John Christopher Depp II. I like Johnny Depp, because he is a very good actor, and he start participates in smalls films , but whit effort and desire he get act in a lot of very good films(Sleepy Hollow,Pirates of the Caribbean,The Tourist, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland), films that got a lot of money. In her career of actor , he got a lot of awards like the best actor and more awards associated with that.

My hero

I´m going to talk about Johnny Depp, he is medium-height, slim, he has brown eyes and brown hair , and he is good looking. Johnny Depp was born in  Owensboro, Kentucky, United States, in 9 of June of 1963, he has 49 years old. Her real name is John Christopher Depp II. I like Johnny Depp, because he is a very good actor, and he start participates in smalls films , but whit effort and desire he get act in a lot of very good films(Sleepy Hollow,Pirates of the Caribbean,The Tourist, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland), films that got a lot of money. In her career of actor , he got a lot of awards like the best actor and more awards associated with that.

My hero

I´m going to talk about Johnny Depp, he is medium-height, slim, he has brown eyes and brown hair , and he is good looking. Johnny Depp was born in  Owensboro, Kentucky, United States, in 9 of June of 1963, he has 49 years old. Her real name is John Christopher Depp II. I like Johnny Depp, because he is a very good actor, and he start participates in smalls films , but whit effort and desire he get act in a lot of very good films(Sleepy Hollow,Pirates of the Caribbean,The Tourist, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland), films that got a lot of money. In her career of actor , he got a lot of awards like the best actor and more awards associated with that.

Monday, 28 January 2013

My hero

My hero is Shakira is from Colombia in South America. She has dark-skinned and she is medium-height. She is good-looking too . Her eyes is brown and her hair is blonde and curly

She is easy-going because she is friendly . She hasn't bad-tempered because she always means serves.She is very active because she is always dancing at the stage. She has just had a baby called Milan. 

She is my hero because she thinks in the poor childrens. She help them with a organization called "Pies descalzos" .I think that she is a fabulous singer because she is able to dance while she is singing . Everyone knows how she move her hips.


Steven Allan Spielberg

Steven Allan Spielberg is an American film director; he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a Jewish family. Spielberg was married to actress Amy Irving, but then he divorce, a long time ago he started a relationship with actress Kate Capshaw and he finally married with her. He has got small blue eyes, he is medium-height, he has got white hair because he is old, he has got beard, he wear glasses, we don´t know anything about his smile because he never shows his teeth.

He is a very famous director and most all the people have seen any of his films because there are quiet famous. He wouldn´t be big-headed, he has got a very deep voice, I think he is very talented because you only have to see his films.  He seems very friendly and hard-working.

His first professional TV job came when he was hired to direct one of the segments for the 1969 pilot episode of Night Gallery. The most famous films of Spielberg are: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Jurassic Park (1993) and Schindler's List . He has worked with some famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch He has won many achievements like the best director with Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan or The best film with: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial



Marshall Bruce Mathers well-known as Eminem , is an american famous rapper that comes from the state of Missouri. He has blue eyes and short brown hair, he also is medium-high, white-skin and shoulder-length.

He had a hard childwood shortly after his birth, his father abandoned his family. Until the age of twelve, he and his mother moved in several cities and towns in Missouri. He became to be bad-tempered person, big headed and this increased when he started to be famous. He was on drugs for five years, when he stopped to compose songs. He has had a very controversial life.

Now he is completely  recovered, he is one of my heroes because he is a symbol of overcoming, and he writes a lot of sentimental songs talking about his hard life experiences.


 I’m going to describe my favourite singer, she is about 21 years old and her name is Beyoncé.The singer and song-writer Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is from Houston, in Texas. Her physical appearance is medium-height, slim and extremely good looking, also she has brown eyes, and curly hair, one of the best thing that Beyoncé has is that She is very friendly and She enjoys the concerts only when she is seeing smile to all the people (she is a bit perfectionist), she loves the music and actually she is very famous.

about her character she seems a bit  big-headed because in her songs all the lyrics has to be perfects and if there are a bit mistake she doesn’t like it, so we can say she is a bit perfectionist. although she has got a great sense of humour so she normally doesn’t have a bad tempered with her fans, in her songs she always express her ideas clearly so in her songs it’s very easy to understand what does she feel or what does she think about the life or something like that.

Beyoncé is not only a singer she is a record producer, dancing girl, model, fashion designer, choreographer and American actress. She began her music career as a vocalist in the group Destiny’s child with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, later in 2003 Beyoncé released her first album titled "Dangerous in love" here we have a lot of songs that we actually know as “crazy in love” or “baby boy” . Beyoncé has won a lot of prices and she has a very big star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. No doubt we will be hearing more about her and her musical career in the future.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington, on October 28, 1955, but it is known as Bill Gates. It is a high way, has the brown eyes, has the short hair and is brown.

It is very nice, very nice with his fans and the whole world in general and also very hard-working.

He is the co-founder of the company of software Microsoft. It has a lot of money and to successful being the richest second man of the world, but thanks to him, the people who does not have his family or friends surround, they can contact them by means of the computer or the persons who want to be more informed about some topic, they it can be and thanks to this man.



I'm going talking about Ramón Melendi. He's to Oviedo. He's 34 years old and is singer and song-writer. He's long-height and slim. Her hair is smooth and chestnut, and has got brown eyes. He's very friendly and crazy. When he was young formed a music group with his friends, called "El bosque de Sherwood". Although he left the group in 2002 to begin his solo career. In recent years he has achieved the success it deserves. Is a great artist and good person. I can't say that it is my idol because  when he was young he had many problems with drugs but i can say that it is a great example for people because he has hard-working and has managed to get out of drugs.I like their songs by the messages that they transmit and stories that counts

My hero

Madonna is an American recording artist, actress and song-writer. Her real name is Madonna Louise Verónica Ciccone, although she also is know as "The Queen of Pop", "Material Girl", "Blonde Ambition", "Dita", "M-dolla"and "Magde".
She is 54 yeras old, she was married twice and she has two children.
She is medium high, she has green eyes and blond hair, but, she has changed her hair many times.
Madonna is hard-working, firendly, ambitious and simpatic...
Madonna is the most awarded artist in the history of the WMAs, also she is the first female artist to recive the palte for more than 50 millons albums sold in europe by IFPI.
And she is the most successful artist of all times.

Will Smith

Will Smith is an american raper and actor. He was born in Philadelphia in 1968.
He is a black person. He is tall and good-looking, although he has a very small ears. His hair is short, black and curly and his eyes are black too. His hands are enormous.

He is quite friendly. I have watched him in some TV programmes, like "El hormiguero", and he is always smiling and making jokes but he is very serious in his work. In his private life, he is married and has three children. He consider himself as a religious man and he has studied Scientology.

When he was almost broken the NBC offered him to star The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990. He became famous with this tv series. He has made a lot of films and he has been nominated to four Golden Globes awards and two Oscars Awards But he has get his best results in the music, he has won some Grammy Awards.

I have watched some of his films and in my opinion his best film is "Hitch" and also "The pursuit of hapyness".

My hero

                                       Chris Martin

My hero is Chris Martin, is the singer of the band Coldplay, was born in Devon, UK on March 2, 1977. Chirs Martin is of medium height, has blond hair and blue eyes. He has a beard and wears earrings.

Chris Martin is very friendly, quite friendly with his fans and everyone in general and also very hardworking and ambitious.

He is a singer with his band done great things and won awards. Personally is also known for his activism in campaigns for fair trade and against poverty and hunger in the world. He is married since 2003 to actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Has said on more than one occasion that never work alone because of the close friendship he has formed with his bandmates.

Matt Damon

                                              Matt Damon 

Matthew Paige "Matt" Damon is from United States. He is medium-height. He has got hown eyes and brown hair. His skin is brown and he´s very stronger man because of his work, has worn leather. He´s about 43 years old.

 Matt´s character is very hard-working because in his job, actor, is necessary. Matt is a good person and very friendly.

 Matt is a actor, screenwriter, producer and philanthropist, he has got a very awards and honors in his carrer. For me, is the best actor in the world.

 Also i have more heroes, for example Roodney Mullen, my favorite skater.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is from New York, United States. He is medium-height. He has got brown eyes also black hair. The skin is brown and he is a very muscular man. Because of his work, has worn leather. He´s about 66 years old.

Stallone seems a very ambitious and serious man because he has done movies. He is hard-working always. But really is a good person and very sociable and friendly, although it seems big-headed and bad-tempered. Sylvester Stallone is famous worldwide, especially in the United States because of his movies.

He is an actor and director in films like Rocky and Rambo, and has also worked with Bruce Willis and Jason Statham in the two films of the mercenaries. Was nominated for two Academy Awards for his film Rocky.
Also I have more heros, for example Cristiano Ronaldo.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

My hero

I talk about a two of my favourite singer, they’re a Melendi and Dani  Martín.

First, I talk about Melendi, I like his stile, he good-humoured and good-looking, I think that he looks quite a hard-working. He’s about approximate thirty years. He’s white skin and brown hair. My favourite song of new disc is ‘’Tu jardín con enanitos’’. 

Now, I talk about of Dani Martín, he approximate twenty-three years, his skin is white and he has brown hair. I think that he’s very comprensive in his song and he looks quite good-looking, and good-humoured. I saw in the one notice that his sister died and he devoted a song that was ‘’Mi lamento’’. My favourite song is ‘’Peter pan’’.

And i have more favourite musicians but are many.

My hero

Mario Casas

He is chestnut, he has got a brown eyes, thing with a good body and abs,a pretty face, and a fantastic smile

As for the character we can say that before it was little easygoing, but now is retailer, agreeably, a little crazy, humorous, funny, is friendly but sometimes a little edge. People say it is a bad tempered and a little thought it too, but  I don’t know i don’t say about it

Has locked in several enseries as SMS, but the most important was ‘’Los hombres de Paco’’, and the current is now working  ‘’El Barco’’.
In the film has participated in the ‘’El camino de los ingleses’’, ‘’Fuga de cerebros’’, ‘’Mentiras  y gordas’’ , ‘’A 3 metros sobre el cielo’’ and ‘’Tengo ganas de tí’’, among other.

  Laura García Cobos. 


Rosa Parks was most important figure in the civil rights movement in the United Stat, She was born in USA February 4, 1913, Tuskegee and October 24, 2005, she died she Detroit has brown eyed and short hair and curly hair , she was of medium height, in my opinion she was not good looking, she had dark skinned .


 Rosa Parks she was friendly and easy going , she fought for a dream was that all races have the same right and was a woman very brave because she did not get up to make room on the bus to a white man she was detained for one year.


She was an example to the people of the time, Martin Luther King also fought for his dream so that people were not racist and to be free she was honored by Bill Clinton, was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame in 1983, In 1979 the NAACP gave its highest award Parks the Spingarn medal and the following year he was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr.

 Juan Manuel.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kurt Cobain

The singer song-writer and guitarist Kurt Cobain for the band Nirvana was from  Aberdeen, Washington

State.He was medium-height. He was good-looking too, with blue eyes and shoulder-length,blonde and

smooth hair.He was very young when he died. He was twenty-seven years old.

 Kurt cobain is very famous in the world.he was always very unhhapy, and wasn't very

sociable, he said that hated people. He expressed his feelings through his songs, he was very talented

and intelligent but he was very bad-tempered.

Kurt cobain with his band Nirvana recorded four albums of which the second called "Nevermind", sold 10

million albums and today some 30 million copies. On this album appeared his song most famous "Smells Like

Teen Spirit" that made rock triumph over pop.

Kat Vond D

My hero is a girl named Kat Vond D, she is 30 and she is a very known tattoo artist in the world because she has tattooed celebrities very importants, kat has long hair, and sometimes have red hair, blond or black, but it is always attractive.

She's a very feisty, so I admire, his first tattoo he did at age 14 and later she ran away from home because she wanted to learn to tattoo and her parents wouldn't let him.
She began working with 15 years as a tattoo artist in a shop in her town and began his fame.
Although she has money, she is very supportive and involved in many charities and NGOs help.
kat is hardly ever angry or unpleasant, she is always friendly.
Kat has been married three times and has lasted very little married, the last time I was asked via twitter marriage, and now she is engaged again with producer Deadmau5.
She has won a Guinness World Record because she did 400 tattoos in 24 hours.
Kat got his own tattoo shop called High voltaire, and she did a reallity called LA Ink which aired on MTV, which was very successful.
Kat Vond D is a hard working and big headed, but she get her dream.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Nation Atlanta was tall, a black, short dark hair, a broad nose, also was strong with small ears,a mustache and always with a happy face but always keeping his composure at crucial moments.

had great sense of humor, was very smart not to get sap which, not getting in trouble, he was a good friend and loved his family above all else.

Martin Luther King won the Nobel Prize with its empeyo against inequality of white and black people through nonviolent means.

Rihanna is from Barbados, a little city of Unitated States. She is mediun-height, She is extremely good-looking too, with green eyes. Her natural hair is curly black, but she has many colors. She has dark skin and she has got very nice lips.

Rihanna's character is very ambitious and hard- working, but is a good person and very sociable. She has collaborated in many organizations of food for the poorest, she's very solidary.

Rihanna has reached the vey top pf the music and collaborated with grat musicians, for example, David Bisbal, Eminen, Beyonce... She has sold millions of albums throughout their life, and she has won many Grammy Awards and EMA'S. She has recorded a movie "Battleship"

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is medium height, has a muscular body, is bald as a bulb and very flexible. He  also is attractive model since it was  with big green eyes, his face gives the impression that this always angry. He has the black hair-short.

Jason Statham's character is a very strict but very sociable and is a   
funny person, in his films are hard working because it performs many of the scenes of danger he has great talent and skill in the martialarts taekwondo and kingboxing and martialarts mixed practice.

The main successes he has achieved has been working in many films for example tranporter, the merecenarios with Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren has also voice the characters of some video games like Call of Duty and Red Faction 2. I have chosen this character because his movies are fun and is expert in taekwondo.

Christmas Holidays

This year Christmas has been great, I fun lot, I was with my family,i was with my friends, etc. First thing I did to end the Institute and begin Christmas, was to stay with my friends, in the afternoon, we went to dinner at a restaurant and we had fun eating and talking. A couple of days after I went with my parents to the village where I spent many days of December where I saw friends who did a lot time that not I saw them, to my family, Christmas Eve i pass in madrid with my grandparents and my uncles, and this night I pass well, because after I went to fuenlabrada to party with my friends.
New year's Eve also quite well, pass it after being with my family had stayed with my friends, expected us a big party we had organised us. And well,"the three kings brought me a few things that I didn't expect. and now is just waiting to start again the Institute.

Lubomir Todorov

The actor and singer Steven seagal is from Lansing, Michigan, in the west os united states. He is tall-height, slim and american. He is extremely good-looking too, with brown eyes and brown long-haired. One of his most striking features is very strong and he is a very good fighter.

When we see the Seagal films believe it is very strict and very hard but actually he is a veru kind, generous person with good-tempered. Despite being a well-known actor, he is a singer because he has released two albums of blues music. He is also intelligent and sociable. Despite this is one of the best fighters because of their fixed assets such blows etc.

Although Seagal is very hard-working. He has several titles in martial arts like karate do, aikido, wing jou and many more. Also has the title of police. There are not Nobel prize or oscar or anything but it's one of the best known action actors in the world.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


This Christmas has been good. Santa Claus and los Reyes Magos have brought me many gifts. This year has been the best. The best gift was the game´s Fifa . Santa Claus brought me the game  the day December 25. I have spent much time with the family. I've eaten a lot during the holidays. Madrid, at Christmas, is very nice but there are many people in the street. Madrid is full of lights and there is a huge tree on  Sol. I visited the city with my friends several times. At times I was bored, I had free time. Finally, It has been a good year, I wish it was always Christmas. It is the time when the family is closer.

My Christmas holidays have been great fun. I´ve spent with the family in the day on Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve day. Were all together and we had a great time. The day after Christmas we went to snow my parents, my brother, my uncles and me. We went to Navacerrada and had much snow as we had a great time by throwing snowballs at each other. Then we went to eat Segovia. That day we had a great time. New Year´s Eve we went to dinner at my grandparent´s house. Also were my uncles. Celebrate the end of the year all together and also ate grapes together. We had a great time and was very funny. Also most of the afternoon I went with my friends. Sometimes we gave a ride and others were going to play soccer in football fields. Have been a very fun Christmas holidays.

My Christmas holidays

My christmas Holidays.
I started my holidays with a big party because i've passed almost all my subject, I have only failed two! I was very happy. I went out with my friends to dinner to Foster Hollywood, and I enjoyed a lot of.
After in christmas Eve we went to my grandparents'house with all my family.
The best arrived in New Years eve. My friends rent a local in Fuenlabrada. There were all my friends , so we laughed a lot and dance all night. In the morning we ate "Chocolate con churros" a typical tradition in Spain. Finally we celebrate "Reyes Magos" day in my aunt's house. They present me an Ipod.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Christmas Holidays

Dear Mary:
I'm fine and you?
This Christmas I've missed you a lot of , but I hope that you have had a good time in Italy
On Christmas Eve my family and me went to my village and we stayed there with all the family. St.Claus brought me a very nice dress and a jacket.
On New Years EveI was in my village too with all the family, and at night I went to a party with my friends, it was very funny. The 2nd of January I return to Madrid and the 5th of January I was with Chris and Harry watching The Three Wise Men Ride, they said me that they miss you too.
The Three Wise Men brought me an e-book, a sunglasses, some clothes and money.
I hope see you soon, kisses. 

Riddles in the Dark #1

question mark
Even though she was born in England, she got a degree in History of Art  in Scotland.
Married not so many years ago, she is no less than six months older than her husband.
We have come to know recently about her state of pregnancy, which has been connected with the suicide of a nurse.
She is one of  The 100 Most Influential People in the World chosen by Time.
She was a photographer up to January 2011. Who is she?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

This Christmas

I have celebrated this Christmas with my family as every year. On Christmas Eve I spent the night with my father’s family, we had dinner all together and in my grandparent´s house and then we came back home. The rest of Christmas days I have been with my friends and my cousins unless on new year’s eve because I ate the twelve grapes with my grandparents and after that I went party until eight o’ clock in the morning. The first day of the year, is my father and grandfather's saint and we always eat together, so here I was very tired and I didn't do everything important except to go with  my parents to the theater. Finally I just have to say I passed a great time and I have enjoyed my holidays. I hope that the return to school won't be too hard an I'll do better this quarter.

My christmas holidays

My Christmas this year has been, fun, but to short.
The first week was the week of chritsmas that the more i rest.
I was reading Don Quixote, because the language teacher said, also i skating and of course i  I went out with my friends.
On monday, December 24, my family and I had fun dinner, and handed out 12 midnight, we have a christmas's presents, we stayed up late talking, that day.
I didn't study much, but on thursday I studied maths.

The weekend we organize everything for december 31, because it just 2012 and begins a new year. this date is very important and we will prepare with food and grapes, the grapes are the most important for this day.

That week of new year was more fun because I was with my cousin and i had a good time, and didn't have much to do for school so i relaxed, and i went to buy presents for the family and friends, the king's day, since it's sunday and there was a bit  on sunday january 6, my family and i were together that day, and had a great time, those days were the last days of vacation and I get plenty of rest, to start the high school.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

 The last christmas I had been with my parents, my sisters and my nice. We had a lunch together and we talked about lot of things. After we opened our presents. My parents had tickets to the theater, my sisters and I had makeup and stuff, and my niece had toys.
All my holidays have been quiet with many gifts, all needed. I havent seen much of my family because it wasnt possible but I've been very comfortable. I'm looking forward to the next holiday.

Friday, 11 January 2013

This Christmas

This Christmas I spent in the family with my mom my sister my dad and my uncles and cousins​​. We have eaten at my house and that of my uncles. The Last Day of the year went out with my friends. have given me many things and money for clothes. This year we spent Christmas with my little cousin who is 6 months jorge has been a Christmas especial.the last day of the year i was my family and I went to town because my grandmother lives there when we got my grandmother had cooked dinner call . New Year's day we ate there and went home to rest and spend the day on January 5 with my dad's family.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

This Christmas has been wonderful, my family and me have traveled to Andorra, to spend a few days there. My cousin and me have been playing with gigant snowballs , also we write a letter to Santa Claus. My cousin asked most toys: A pair of skates and a tent for camping, my cousin Jonh asked a toy tractor and my younger brother asked a teddy bear, and I was content with clothes.
In the morning we went to ski whenever it vas very fun, and it when there were less people, then in te afternoon we were going always to the centre of town to eat something and see the different christmas shows.
On December 24, christmas Eve, we enjoyed a lot with my family, eat and prepare extraordinary dishes. On december 25, Christmas-Day finally came and enjoyed all the presents ...
They have been and amazing holiday and I hope next year will be better.



This Chrismas holidays I´ve been in my village , whit my family and whit my friends. In my village was very cold , and every day was cloudy , but I spend a very fun Christmas. In the mornings I was doing homework and reading a book , and in the afternoons I went out with my friends. In Christmas Eve , I´ve been dinner in my grandfather´s house , whit my family. I went to Fuenlabrada to pass the New Year´s Eve , and I came back to my village three day later , to pass the night of the magic kings whit my family , and two days later I came back to Fuenlabrada for start the school.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Christmas

My Christmas has been brilliant. First we met all my family in a restaurant to celebrate Good Night. After the dinner we went away to my house and there we did a holiday, when it was twelve o'clock exactly we open the gifts of navidad. They gave me clothes and a portfolio. The following meeting that we had was in New Year's eve. We stay in the house of an aunt in Madrid in which we sup on and eat the grapes. After congratulating to the whole family I went away of holiday with my brother. Finally we celebrate the Epiphany that again was in my house. This day they gave me again clothes. On having finished this day already the vacations were ended.


Hello I´m Sergio and I going to talk about my Christmas holidays. This Christmas I have been in my village Talarrubias with my family. This village is very cool and it is raining all time. In Christmas Eve I have been in another village, Sotillo. In Sotillo I have been dinner with my grandfather’s house. The next day I come back to talarrubias until 5th to open the three wise men´s presents. My family fives me a colony, two videogames, and a new school bag. I am happy about that. The 7th I come back to Fuenlabrada to do my homework and begin the secondary school again. I hope my marks this year.

My Christmas.

This Christmas, I've been in humanes. There are days that I came to fuenlabrada with some friends but most in humanes. The New Year's Eve i and my family dinner at home take the grapes at home but about 01:00 am  we went to my uncle's house was his family and we were dancing, drinking, playing computer games ... And the day of the kings was in Madrid at a Greek tavern with my parents and nothing. Kings moreover very well behaved no better than Santa Clous  but I brought many things like clothes or money. And one more thing on Christmas Eve I`ve been  at home with my family but at 23:00 pm I went with my friends to the house of a friend who was having a party and returned about 10:00 am the next day. So this christmas are very fantastic and special,

My Christmas holidays

My Christmas holidays

This Christmas holidays I was in France two weeks with my friends and my family.
There, we passed Christmas Eve, New Year´s Even, and The Three Wise Men.
The holidays was since 15th December until 7th January. When we arrive to the Niza,
we left the case in the hotel and I went to ski with my friends while my family was putting the Christmas tree.
Later, all we went to go shopping and we had dinner in a restaurant, the most famous of the Niza. There, we know
to Audrey Tautou. At Christmas eve and New Year´s Even we went to the party with people that we know.
The day of The Three Wise Men, we opened the presents.
On 7th January at 7:30 pm, we were in the airport waiting to the plane. There, we said goodbye to ous new friends.
And with our new friends, we were in it for the next Christmas, they will come to Spain. This holidays were very funny, but also very busy.

The Christmas

This Christmas has been very good but there have been better. This year I have not been able to party on New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve. For my Christmas started the day of the notes that is when they start the Christmas holidays. I arrived home with four suspended and my parents thought I would throw a fight but really not punished me or anything I just noticed it the first time and I fail so that the next time would be harder. That pleased me but what made ​​me happiest was that the next day my grandfather left the hospital. On 22 and 23 December I was home and evenings out with friends. On the 24th I ate at home but in the afternoon I went to my grandparents' house to celebrate Christmas Eve. Suigiente day was Christmas day and went to my uncles house where I had a great time. The following week I was home and my friends in the afternoon until the 31st where I went to my other grandparents to celebrate New Year's Eve with the whole family. The days of new year I was doing homework and such. Then came the day of kings where I got several things as a colony, a watch, money but what I liked was a TV for my room. These have been my Christmas, maybe a little boring as other years but I can not complain, hopefully the next year will be better.

Vocabulary: Music

As we have begun a new unit in which we are dealing with music, I have prepared this set of cards that I think can be useful for you. Here you are!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My christmas.

Hi juan !

Sorry for not being in touch for a while, I have been very bussy in these christmas holidays and we have not had time to see us but I hope to see you soon.
I´m writing to tell you how I have passed this christmas and more news that are fascinating!

This christmas have been incredible for me, I have done many things that I have always done as: go out with my friends, go to the cinema, do some homework that my teachers give me,decorate my house and put the christmas tree, but this year have been different because... I have spent a week skiing in the snow! it was a present for all the family but specially for my, I love skiing and my parents knew that,so they think that present can be the best for me, when my mum told me the new,it was crazy for me and for my cousins too, that week was enjoyable but I think it didn´t like my family so much as me because they don´t knew nothing about skiing, at first, for them it was terrible they were on the floor all the time but at the end everyone had great.

When we returned , I expect a great party it was New year´s eve and the year ended so i called all my friends and we have had a fantastic night.The day before all my family come to my house and we make a big meal.

 I hope that you soon come to madrid to tell you many things more. Write me some information about how was your christmas in England, I think it has been your best present don´t you?



Christmas in the early days i was relaxed, but the following i was doing my homework in the mornings and in the evenings I used to go out with my family, friends or my novio.Nosotros we used go to the mall for a drink or to the park.
the 24th of December, my family and I celebrate Christmas Eve, we had dinner together at my house and then we exchanged gifts from Santa Claus.
the next day, my grandparents came home for lunch and in the afternoon, my uncles and my cousins​​.
December 26, I went to Madrid to see the famous "Cortilandia" in the door of the corteinglés of sol and then we were walking around the Plaza Mayor, ate the typical squid sandwich and afternoon we returned home. I get very tired.
the 5th of January, I went to see the Three Kings with my boyfriend and his friends. when we went to eat over the roulade of kings to a coffee shop, with his family.
the 6th of January, in the morning I went to get up any more open presents and I gave mine to my family after I went to my aunt's house to meet with all the rest and receive gifts and afternoon went for a turned to night and we went home.

Comments about Christmas
The holidays have not been bad, but they sent a lot of homework, and even last days i started.
I think it should last much longer, and that the days of being with the family have to be already year round, not just those days...
On Christmas Eve, i had dinner with my father's family are many and then we played a game.
And on New Year's Eve, i had dinner with the family of my mother and then i left the party ultl 8:30 i slept.
For Kings honestly i have not asked for anything in paticular, but i like surprises.
The Christmas i read a book ''El Club de los Corazones Solitarios'' i've done my homework, i went out with my friends, i have enjoyed with my family, and i slept a lot...
And although it many not feel like i went to go back to vacation with my fellow class becouse i have a great time.

Monday, 7 January 2013

For me and my family the christmas festivities wasn't a so interestingvthing because we came from a different country so we have a different habits and beliefs.                                                               Besides that in this holidays I have done many interesting things for example , I played football. I ran in a race. I had a good time with my friends . I knew new people and I do a lot more things that right now I don't feel like to tell us.                                                                                   On the Christmas eve, I didn't do a special thing besides that go with my friends to a houseparty.The houseparty were in a house ofnmy friend David. He called to many friends and pretty girls. Finally,  I had a good time when I was kissing and dancing with the girls.                         In the night of the New Year's Eve I went to a wedding with my uncle and my dad.It was a enterraining thing and here I saw a old friends and I made a new friends.

My Christmas


The Christmas in my family starts at the bridge Inmaculada, in those days we put the Christmas tree, the Belen and decorate the facade of the house. Assemble all between my parents, my sister and me. The 21st day  begin on vacation and the 22 nd day  is the day of the lottery as always never touches anything. On the 24th the whole family we go had dinner at my grandparents, had a great time, we play a board games. The youngest members of the family play with Santa Claus gifts. On the 25th day we are going to eat with my other family. The 26th day as every year we go to Madrid in the afternoon to see the plaza Mayor, the Puerta del Sol ... The 31st is New Year's Eve dinner at my house with my grandparents and after taking the grapes this year I went with my friends to party. The 5th day we see the cavalcade of the Magi in Fuenlabrada and the 6th day open our gifts of the Magi