Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kurt Cobain

The singer song-writer and guitarist Kurt Cobain for the band Nirvana was from  Aberdeen, Washington

State.He was medium-height. He was good-looking too, with blue eyes and shoulder-length,blonde and

smooth hair.He was very young when he died. He was twenty-seven years old.

 Kurt cobain is very famous in the world.he was always very unhhapy, and wasn't very

sociable, he said that hated people. He expressed his feelings through his songs, he was very talented

and intelligent but he was very bad-tempered.

Kurt cobain with his band Nirvana recorded four albums of which the second called "Nevermind", sold 10

million albums and today some 30 million copies. On this album appeared his song most famous "Smells Like

Teen Spirit" that made rock triumph over pop.

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