Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Vacations of Christmas

Hello, in my Vacations of Christmas I went to every places, for example, the first day I went to my friends Laura and Carolina to my house to eat a one Oreo Cake, it's delicious and in the evening we went with my friends to the McDonald. The second day and the everyday I to remove dog to take a walk and go to the Solidaridad Park with my boyfriend. The other days I go to every places, for example, I went to Central Madrid with my friends, and taken photos, and eat some sandwich of calamaries and some hamburgers. In the Christmas Eve I we with my family on the part of my mother to the grandparent's house, the celebration was very beautiful because the children were very happy while waited to Papa Noel. In New Year's Eve on the part of my father to the grandparent's house and later I went to my friends to the party in Fuenlabrada, we danced even the every night and at the 8:00 o'clock we went to sleep in the Laura's house and we ate the churros with chocolate. And I do more things but I don't remember. Goodbye.

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