Sunday, 27 January 2013

My hero

I talk about a two of my favourite singer, they’re a Melendi and Dani  Martín.

First, I talk about Melendi, I like his stile, he good-humoured and good-looking, I think that he looks quite a hard-working. He’s about approximate thirty years. He’s white skin and brown hair. My favourite song of new disc is ‘’Tu jardín con enanitos’’. 

Now, I talk about of Dani Martín, he approximate twenty-three years, his skin is white and he has brown hair. I think that he’s very comprensive in his song and he looks quite good-looking, and good-humoured. I saw in the one notice that his sister died and he devoted a song that was ‘’Mi lamento’’. My favourite song is ‘’Peter pan’’.

And i have more favourite musicians but are many.

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  1. My hero is Shakira is from Colombia in South America. She has dark-skinned and she is medium-height. She is good-looking too . Her eyes is brown and her hair is blonde and curly

    She is easy-going because she is friendly . She hasn't bad-tempered because she always means serves.She is very active because she is always dancing at the stage. She has just had a baby called Milan.

    She is my hero because she thinks in the poor childrens. She help them with a organization called "Pies descalzos" .I think that she is a fabulous singer because she is able to dance while she is singing . Everyone knows how she move her hips.