Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kat Vond D

My hero is a girl named Kat Vond D, she is 30 and she is a very known tattoo artist in the world because she has tattooed celebrities very importants, kat has long hair, and sometimes have red hair, blond or black, but it is always attractive.

She's a very feisty, so I admire, his first tattoo he did at age 14 and later she ran away from home because she wanted to learn to tattoo and her parents wouldn't let him.
She began working with 15 years as a tattoo artist in a shop in her town and began his fame.
Although she has money, she is very supportive and involved in many charities and NGOs help.
kat is hardly ever angry or unpleasant, she is always friendly.
Kat has been married three times and has lasted very little married, the last time I was asked via twitter marriage, and now she is engaged again with producer Deadmau5.
She has won a Guinness World Record because she did 400 tattoos in 24 hours.
Kat got his own tattoo shop called High voltaire, and she did a reallity called LA Ink which aired on MTV, which was very successful.
Kat Vond D is a hard working and big headed, but she get her dream.


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