Monday, 28 January 2013


 I’m going to describe my favourite singer, she is about 21 years old and her name is Beyoncé.The singer and song-writer Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is from Houston, in Texas. Her physical appearance is medium-height, slim and extremely good looking, also she has brown eyes, and curly hair, one of the best thing that Beyoncé has is that She is very friendly and She enjoys the concerts only when she is seeing smile to all the people (she is a bit perfectionist), she loves the music and actually she is very famous.

about her character she seems a bit  big-headed because in her songs all the lyrics has to be perfects and if there are a bit mistake she doesn’t like it, so we can say she is a bit perfectionist. although she has got a great sense of humour so she normally doesn’t have a bad tempered with her fans, in her songs she always express her ideas clearly so in her songs it’s very easy to understand what does she feel or what does she think about the life or something like that.

Beyoncé is not only a singer she is a record producer, dancing girl, model, fashion designer, choreographer and American actress. She began her music career as a vocalist in the group Destiny’s child with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, later in 2003 Beyoncé released her first album titled "Dangerous in love" here we have a lot of songs that we actually know as “crazy in love” or “baby boy” . Beyoncé has won a lot of prices and she has a very big star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. No doubt we will be hearing more about her and her musical career in the future.

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