Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My christmas.

Hi juan !

Sorry for not being in touch for a while, I have been very bussy in these christmas holidays and we have not had time to see us but I hope to see you soon.
I´m writing to tell you how I have passed this christmas and more news that are fascinating!

This christmas have been incredible for me, I have done many things that I have always done as: go out with my friends, go to the cinema, do some homework that my teachers give me,decorate my house and put the christmas tree, but this year have been different because... I have spent a week skiing in the snow! it was a present for all the family but specially for my, I love skiing and my parents knew that,so they think that present can be the best for me, when my mum told me the new,it was crazy for me and for my cousins too, that week was enjoyable but I think it didn´t like my family so much as me because they don´t knew nothing about skiing, at first, for them it was terrible they were on the floor all the time but at the end everyone had great.

When we returned , I expect a great party it was New year´s eve and the year ended so i called all my friends and we have had a fantastic night.The day before all my family come to my house and we make a big meal.

 I hope that you soon come to madrid to tell you many things more. Write me some information about how was your christmas in England, I think it has been your best present don´t you?


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