Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lubomir Todorov

The actor and singer Steven seagal is from Lansing, Michigan, in the west os united states. He is tall-height, slim and american. He is extremely good-looking too, with brown eyes and brown long-haired. One of his most striking features is very strong and he is a very good fighter.

When we see the Seagal films believe it is very strict and very hard but actually he is a veru kind, generous person with good-tempered. Despite being a well-known actor, he is a singer because he has released two albums of blues music. He is also intelligent and sociable. Despite this is one of the best fighters because of their fixed assets such blows etc.

Although Seagal is very hard-working. He has several titles in martial arts like karate do, aikido, wing jou and many more. Also has the title of police. There are not Nobel prize or oscar or anything but it's one of the best known action actors in the world.

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