Thursday, 10 January 2013

This Christmas has been wonderful, my family and me have traveled to Andorra, to spend a few days there. My cousin and me have been playing with gigant snowballs , also we write a letter to Santa Claus. My cousin asked most toys: A pair of skates and a tent for camping, my cousin Jonh asked a toy tractor and my younger brother asked a teddy bear, and I was content with clothes.
In the morning we went to ski whenever it vas very fun, and it when there were less people, then in te afternoon we were going always to the centre of town to eat something and see the different christmas shows.
On December 24, christmas Eve, we enjoyed a lot with my family, eat and prepare extraordinary dishes. On december 25, Christmas-Day finally came and enjoyed all the presents ...
They have been and amazing holiday and I hope next year will be better.

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