Monday, 28 January 2013

My hero

Madonna is an American recording artist, actress and song-writer. Her real name is Madonna Louise Verónica Ciccone, although she also is know as "The Queen of Pop", "Material Girl", "Blonde Ambition", "Dita", "M-dolla"and "Magde".
She is 54 yeras old, she was married twice and she has two children.
She is medium high, she has green eyes and blond hair, but, she has changed her hair many times.
Madonna is hard-working, firendly, ambitious and simpatic...
Madonna is the most awarded artist in the history of the WMAs, also she is the first female artist to recive the palte for more than 50 millons albums sold in europe by IFPI.
And she is the most successful artist of all times.

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