Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Christmas

This Christmas has been very good but there have been better. This year I have not been able to party on New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve. For my Christmas started the day of the notes that is when they start the Christmas holidays. I arrived home with four suspended and my parents thought I would throw a fight but really not punished me or anything I just noticed it the first time and I fail so that the next time would be harder. That pleased me but what made ​​me happiest was that the next day my grandfather left the hospital. On 22 and 23 December I was home and evenings out with friends. On the 24th I ate at home but in the afternoon I went to my grandparents' house to celebrate Christmas Eve. Suigiente day was Christmas day and went to my uncles house where I had a great time. The following week I was home and my friends in the afternoon until the 31st where I went to my other grandparents to celebrate New Year's Eve with the whole family. The days of new year I was doing homework and such. Then came the day of kings where I got several things as a colony, a watch, money but what I liked was a TV for my room. These have been my Christmas, maybe a little boring as other years but I can not complain, hopefully the next year will be better.

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