Monday, 7 January 2013

For me and my family the christmas festivities wasn't a so interestingvthing because we came from a different country so we have a different habits and beliefs.                                                               Besides that in this holidays I have done many interesting things for example , I played football. I ran in a race. I had a good time with my friends . I knew new people and I do a lot more things that right now I don't feel like to tell us.                                                                                   On the Christmas eve, I didn't do a special thing besides that go with my friends to a houseparty.The houseparty were in a house ofnmy friend David. He called to many friends and pretty girls. Finally,  I had a good time when I was kissing and dancing with the girls.                         In the night of the New Year's Eve I went to a wedding with my uncle and my dad.It was a enterraining thing and here I saw a old friends and I made a new friends.

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