Sunday, 27 January 2013

My hero

Mario Casas

He is chestnut, he has got a brown eyes, thing with a good body and abs,a pretty face, and a fantastic smile

As for the character we can say that before it was little easygoing, but now is retailer, agreeably, a little crazy, humorous, funny, is friendly but sometimes a little edge. People say it is a bad tempered and a little thought it too, but  I don’t know i don’t say about it

Has locked in several enseries as SMS, but the most important was ‘’Los hombres de Paco’’, and the current is now working  ‘’El Barco’’.
In the film has participated in the ‘’El camino de los ingleses’’, ‘’Fuga de cerebros’’, ‘’Mentiras  y gordas’’ , ‘’A 3 metros sobre el cielo’’ and ‘’Tengo ganas de tí’’, among other.

  Laura García Cobos. 

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