Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Christmas holidays have been great fun. I´ve spent with the family in the day on Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve day. Were all together and we had a great time. The day after Christmas we went to snow my parents, my brother, my uncles and me. We went to Navacerrada and had much snow as we had a great time by throwing snowballs at each other. Then we went to eat Segovia. That day we had a great time. New Year´s Eve we went to dinner at my grandparent´s house. Also were my uncles. Celebrate the end of the year all together and also ate grapes together. We had a great time and was very funny. Also most of the afternoon I went with my friends. Sometimes we gave a ride and others were going to play soccer in football fields. Have been a very fun Christmas holidays.

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