Monday, 7 January 2013

My Christmas

My christmas
These christmas me it and spent very well and they have been very enterteining though to had days that I have had to do a pause to this amusement to study. The night of navidad I spent it with my grandparents and my parents in house of my grandparents, after having dinner we us went home of the sister of my grandmother when saw a few distant cousins that it was doing mas of two years that we were not meeting and me much liked to see and to speak them with them after so much time.
On 28 of December I went away to my village that is in Toledo and there I me bought the tickets the same day to be able to enter a small discotheque to begin the year with music, amusement and next to my friends. In New Year's eve, I had dinner and ate up the grapes with my grandparents, my uncles, my cousins, my parents and my brother. I choked on the grapes, but good still I am still alive, and later I put on my garment and my heels and went away with my friends to the discotheque to spending it to me well. I came at 10:30 a.m. to my house and then I was sleeping the whole day. When I got up I turned to Fuenlabrada. Finally the night of kings I saw the cavalcade with my friends and in the night I me went to having dinner with my uncles and cousins and in the night I went out of holiday here abouts, for Fuenlabrada and the following day it had to raise me promptly to be going to gather my gifts me to other houses of my relatives and the truth is that in gifts I cannot complain, and these have been my christmas.

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