Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Christmas in the early days i was relaxed, but the following i was doing my homework in the mornings and in the evenings I used to go out with my family, friends or my novio.Nosotros we used go to the mall for a drink or to the park.
the 24th of December, my family and I celebrate Christmas Eve, we had dinner together at my house and then we exchanged gifts from Santa Claus.
the next day, my grandparents came home for lunch and in the afternoon, my uncles and my cousins​​.
December 26, I went to Madrid to see the famous "Cortilandia" in the door of the corteinglés of sol and then we were walking around the Plaza Mayor, ate the typical squid sandwich and afternoon we returned home. I get very tired.
the 5th of January, I went to see the Three Kings with my boyfriend and his friends. when we went to eat over the roulade of kings to a coffee shop, with his family.
the 6th of January, in the morning I went to get up any more open presents and I gave mine to my family after I went to my aunt's house to meet with all the rest and receive gifts and afternoon went for a turned to night and we went home.

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