Sunday, 2 June 2013

An incident

Name of person reporting incident: Sandra López
Today's date (day/month/year): 21/03/2010
School/institution: Dioniso Aguado

The incident ocurred a Monday, i didn't know the hour, the place was the parking of the school. The victim was Barbara and the alleged offender was a one man that i didn't know.

I'm considered the only witness of the incident. The incident was that the man went in a car, while talked by movil, just Barbara went on the motorbike for go to the her home, but suddenly the man hit to Barbara with his car and she was hurt. The man went out of his car and the first things that he did were is angry and scream Barbara, but she didn't heard he. The man called to the ambulance and they took Barbara to the hospital.

When I saw the incident I think that the man was crazy, because his reaction was awful. But Barbara denounced, was the better opcion, and the man paid to Barbara the fine. Barbara is now good and completely recovered.

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