Sunday, 5 May 2013

Salvador Dalí

-Salvador Dalí-

Salvador Dalí was born in 1904 in Gerona. By the years he became an internationally popular painter, very famous because he started with the cubism ( way of painting that later will be used by others painters like Federico García Lorca, Pepin Bello...)
In general all his paintings were influenced by many artistic styles from the Classic to the Vanguards, even his paintings are characterized by mixing a lot of styles when he painted.

Dali´s early live was generally marked by bad luck. In 1926 Dalí was expelled from the academy where he studied, and he had to go to Paris where he met Pablo Picasso who was a great friend from him, a few months later he met Elena a girl who fell in love, this will create a lot of  problems with his father who try to opposed  this romance.
During this time he decided to join a new style of painting "the surrealism" and it was with this style when Dalí painted his most famous works in 1931, but when the 2nd world War was revaging Europe he escape to New york where he let the paintings aside and he did other things like writing a novel or desing pictures in books...

Later, when some problems are solved he return to Paris because an exposition of his paintings has revolutionized France and this was the key to his later sucess, by this period he lets fly his imagination, creating optical ilusions who makes everyone stunned.

Dali´s later life was a period of pain because he consumed drugs, that makes him losing artistic ability, after that his wife died, that made Dalí lost the will to live.
In 1989 he died because of numerous problems, in general he was one of the most succesful man painters of the 20th century. Actually all the world knows him for his work and his talent.

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