Monday, 12 March 2012

The Rescue, by Laura

The 25th of September, Angela and Jaime went dive to the Maldivas Islands. They were doing some activities like the scuba-diving, when suddenly, their teacher disppeared. They looked for him in a lot of places but they didn't find him. Angela and Jaime went swimming to an island. There, they found a boat where there was a phone, but it was broken. Jaime, who was too clever, tried to repair it; but he needed a rope, so Angela went to look for something useful. She found a kind of rope tied to a palm. Angela took it and she gave it to her friend. Eventually, Jaime could repare the phone, and they phoned to the coastguard. Hours later, the coastguard arrived to the island, and then, he took the two friends to an hotel, where they were safe.

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