Monday, 4 March 2013

My favourite place


Hello! I'm going to talk about the wonderful city of Austria, Vienna. I speak of this city already that I was there last year.It was the golf course.

Vienna is the capital of Austria, is a very large and very nice city but what I wonder to me was that city cleaning. There you can visit many sites as for example the Museum of Empress Sissi. There are also many places of leisure, I advise you to visit the Prater, is a giant amusement park. A good place to stay to sleep is the Pyramide Hotel. Also you can visit a city which is 300 Km from Vienna, Salzburg, which is the city of music since Mozart was born.

In short, I encourage you to visit Vienna and all its sites and its people. It's a great city to live. I would not hesitate revisiting it.

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