Saturday, 2 March 2013

My favourite place.

My favorite place is the island of Gran Canaria, is a fun place, all relaxing and always with a pleasant climate, and this place is always full of tourists from many countries, mostly German and English.
I love this place because it was summer and it was one of the best summers I've had, I did not want to return home again, there unforgettable visit many places and I had fun.

This site is very suitable for excursions very interesting, because there are many things to discover, you can snorkel, visit Las Palmas and Tenerife, these islands are very near and you can go on boat while enjoying the scenery, and the temperature agadable, that island is special because when you're there it's like disconnected the world.

The most beautiful are the beaches and harbor are places you'll remember forever, the best places to visit and enjoy are the Vegueta, the Jardin Canario and Santa Lucía de Tirajana..  ... If you decide to visit this island, you'll never regret your good choice, because each place you will love.


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