Friday, 1 March 2013

My favourite place.

Lanzarote is a one of my favorite places. I went with my friends in the end of course, was a very stunning because is a place for remember, both the site like the good moments that we had there. 

If you go to Lanzarote you'll see ''Cactus Garden'', the ''Timanfaya'', ''Cave of the green'' and every sites more, and you ride a camel too, is very lively. 

In my opinion you can’t die without seeing Lanzarote because is both rural like urban, is a place with cultural hereditage and things that the humans don’t broke. There are very green sites, and sites for join, the beach, the disco, the hotels…
You will go, it’s beautiful and when you go, probably says: ‘’seeing is believing’’.

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