Sunday, 31 March 2013

animal experiments.

In this topic there are two opniones one is to agree with the expirimentación, and one that is not to be in agree with the animal experiments. My opinion is that experimentation is good if it is to help humans but should only be done in important cases.

I think that is well because I think in some cases the animals suffer in the experiment but if controlled manner is good for the world because it can test new vaccines pills to help cure diseases.

Scientists and researchers when working in laboratories must be sure that the medicines were used in humans have no bad effects for those who consume it are used by animals and try and do minimal damage to the animal which are experiencing scientifc and think they know what they do and is good for everyone.


In my opinion I am of those who are in favor of animal testing is done while taking care not to cause pain to many animals, this idea is good because it helps to end or has cure many diseases.

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