Friday, 1 March 2013

My favourite place:

My favourite place is Bulgaria. This place is very beautiful. I am going every summer with my grandparents and my friends. My village are in the middle of the mountain, is very beautiful because is all green and the air is more fresh and healthy that in the city.

My village is 30 km from the nearest town and is in the middle of Bulagria. In my village you can do a lot of activities like "puentin" or " rapelling" and visit many places like village´s church at the summit of the mountain and you can walk in the mountains too. But the one of the most visitated place are the gran waterfall of the balkans which is about 10 km of my village.

If you came to my village, i would recomended you to visit the gran waterfall and gave a tour os the mountais to breath a new air and clean the lungs of harmful substances. You have to visit my village and enjoy a unique landscape that few people have ever seen.  YOU LIKED!

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