Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Essay about scientific testing on animals.

In one hand the people who think that the use of animals for scientifics tests, in the other hand the scientific laboratory who approve of the use of animals for testing.

Some people think that the use animals for scientific tests don't respect animal rights and they think this is more important than the test themselves. The animals feel pain, they have emotions like humans, the test are usually really cruel with the animals and that makes them really stressed.

The laboratorys doesn't agree with this because "they think they can only be sure that it's safe if they have tested it." So, they support the research in animals because of scientific purposes.

In conclusion, the laboratorys have to test the products in animals just to be sure that it's safe for humans because thet can prevent a lot of deseases. I think it's ok to test in animals but if it doesn't really hurt the animals, so everyone can be happy. 

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