Monday, 1 April 2013


Animal testing could be considered cruel or which might be the discovery of things that could help people.
First would be nice if the animals don't suffer damage, or practices will cause problems in the lives of animals, altering their functions.
 But on the other hand the use of animals, could help the human life, and this would be a good reason.

I think animal testing, would bring many good consequences, so it would be justified, animals help improve or save the lives of many people, Is a necessary cruelty.
one of the products that are tested on animals are lotions, it is necessary that all people who wants to use lotion, the people should be certain of its effectiveness.

These practices in animals, some shouldn't because they are selfish and the animals shouldn't be treated badly because they also feel and suffer, for example: the use of animals in military experiments, a dog locked in a room and poison him with gas, this is something cruel and inhuman.

In conclusion Animal testing is not bad at all, but I think you should just experiment with really useful things, not killing animals of violent ways.


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