Monday, 1 April 2013

Scientific testing on animals

There is a discussion on this subject because some people think that scientific testing on animals are damaging for them and for us and another people think that this thing is necessary for the  deveploment of the medical sciences.
On the one hand, there are people who thinks that we should or we have to protect the animals because there are a part of our world and if we don´t take care of them we will destroy them and the nature.
On the other hand, there are people who thinks that scientific testing on animals are necessary because the scientific experiment on humans are prohibit. This tipe of people thinks that  the scientific experiment are indispensable for the world and if  we can test with people we are doing this think and the reason why we are testing with animals is because we can´t test with people.
In conclusión, for me and for a lot of people  testing with animals is a cruel thing andif it is neccesary for the world the scientifics should test only with small animals

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