Monday, 1 April 2013

Testing products on animals.

Scientist needs to taste new products in real animals...

Some people think that spend time and money investigating with animals could be a waste of time and money.
They argue that science should try to resolve other problems however I am completely agree with this research because I think  it can help us to improve the health in our contry and to find new solutions in the field of medicine, what´s more there´re people who are against but then they don´t dare to buy anything that hasn´t been tested before.

On the one hand it´s certainly that if a scientist discover a product, the only way to konw if  it´s health for us is tasted with animals before besides lots of laboratory animals have a goof life and the test aren´t so cruel for example there are test that only consist to know the average of their life.

On the other hand animals have emotions like humans do furthermore they feel pain, in addition to this normally some people think that some laboratory animals haven´t got the basic conditions to have a great life, they think that animals live in small spaces and they probably suffer stress.

In conclusion, I understand that they need to taste the product with animals who probably will have the same reaction than us, but I understand too that sometimes they don´t have good living conditions so it´s better if in the future they could taste the products in virtual humans and obtain the same results.

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