Monday, 1 April 2013

scientific testing on animals

  The  advantages and inconvenients are:
 I start talking about their inconvenients against animal testing is that there are other acceptable alternatives. For example, scientists can test whether chemicals irritate the eyes using the membrane rich in blood vessels Those who are against animal testing proposed: replacement, alternative methods of testing, reducing animal testing using as little as refinement possible and ensuring that animal tests are done as humanely and painlessly as possible, however, alternatives to animal testing does not always work because the system of a living organism can be unpredictable, the rights of animals say the tests performed on them are cruel and unnecessary all living creatures should be respected and that cause suffering to animals for any reason is morally wrong.
Now show you the advantages:
 these tests say they have been many advances in science, increasing the quality of life for both humans and animals. Animal testing has helped develop vaccines, surgeries, cancer treatments and other life-saving medical advances.

my opinion is that these scientific tests on animals are necessary for the advancement of science because we could not live without vaccines, cancer treatments, etc. ..
but without having to carry the animals to extreme cases.

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